Friday, April 30, 2004

I know it's not the safest thing in the world to do, but I keep a spare set of keys in a little magnetic case in the gasoline flap thing on my car. I find it VERY handy when I do lock my keys inside the car! The magnet is pretty strong, so if you don't feel safe putting your keys where I do, you could easily find another place that would work just as well. Just an idea...

As of Wednesday, I'm an aunt!!!! I went back home to see the new addition of the family and just got back last night. It's a BOY!!!! I'm so excited...and I bet my sister (the mother) is too! We come from a family of four girls, no boys. The only boy around us was our dad....so I'm sure this will be a bit different for her. I can't wait to spoil the little thing!!! Oh...his name is Bryson Allen...if anyone is curious.

Just think everyone....just one more week and then finals are here!!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Hi everyone! Can anyone believe that we are almost done with the semester already??? I dunno, i'm kind of glad because homework has been piling up like crazy. But I will miss seeing everyone all the time. And next year I will be out of the Dorms!! I'm moving into a house by campus. And if anyone needs a place to stay. The girls and I need a fourth roommate, so if anyone is interested you should let me know. Greatly appreciated. Well, I better go do my accounting quiz. Grrrrr... later
Well now... my utopia would include:
No wind (maybe a gentle breeze every now and then but none of these North Dakota gale force winds).
Ski resorts where you never have to wait in line for the lift.
Once the weather started to get nice in the spring (let's say 50s-60s), the temperature would not drop below 50. Summer it could not get colder than 60 degrees. Winter - not lower than 15 degrees.
Healthcare would be free.
College would be referred to as Coolege and would be free.
Everyone upon graduating from high school would know what they wanted to do for a living by receiving it in a dream.
There would be no rich people or poor people, everyone would be well-to-do.
Technology will have eliminated all forms of pollution.
The ozone would have no holes.
Everyone would be in shape and have a nice tan.
These are some of the elements of my perfect world. See you in class next week.

my own utopia would be different from everybody just for fun.
-it would be winter year-roud
-college would be free
-you would never have to worry about being fat because everybody would be the exact same weight
-every guy would were jeans and a plain colored hoodie so no one would dress different
-girls would have a uniform too but i dont think i should say what it would be
-there would be very little crime because the death penalty will be so strict that you even get killed for stealing
-all drugs will be legal
-drinking age is 18
-everyone would have a tattoo or maybe even more
-all girls will have there naval pierced, and whatever else they want
-healthcare will be free
-everyone will have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-salary will be the same as in the US
-there will be no such thing as cancer, aids, or anything else that kills you
-the roads will be heated by burning trash so you never go in the ditch when it snows
-everyone will drive anything but a Ford
-and most of all you will only have to go to school tuesday thru thursday from 12-3

that would be my perfect place. of course there may be some sexist things in there but these rules are only from a guys point of view. all men in this land would be willng to conform to any all new rules a female would want to put in.
My own utopia would consist of the following...

~Definately no hate at all - no discrimination, prejudice, hate crimes, nothing because things like that really bother me. The world would be a better place without them.
~No ideal size for people, there would be no such thing as too fat or too skinny. Everyone would be beautiful, no matter their size.
~ College would be free.
~Gorgeous weather all the time, and there would only be winter when I wanted it, like I could order it only when I wanted to.
~No suffering or homelessness.
~Things someone needs, like clothes, food, hygiene products, etc would be free and the only things paid for would be things we want, like CD player, boats, anything recreational, etc.
~Cures for every disease.
~A pill that you could take that would get you in shape w/out the physical activity. =)
And lastly...
~The law that every teenager gets a brand new car, fully paid for, right after they get their license.

And that's it. =)

Hey everybody~ Well my utopia project is done, but I'm not sure how well it went. The group before us ws up there for 30 minutes and we were up there for 7 mintues. Although I am really glad its over becuase I have had a lot of things due this week!!! I am soooo glad school is almost over I really want to go home and be worry free!! Well have a good day everyone! :)
Hey everyone-

I might be studying in Spain next spring. I'm very nervous to go all the way to Europe to study, but I think it would be a great experience. Having all my classes in spanish is going to be more than challenging. AHHH!!! And next summer I might be going to Guatemala to be a translator for doctors. YAY!

My Utopia would consist of:
- People who are genuinely nice- not just nice to make you feel better or to tell you what you want to hear.. they are nice because that's who they are.
- I agree with Sybil! Cute and cheap clothes would be a plus.
- I would want beaches... blue/clear water... a relaxing place to go.
- More things that are free
- No racism, homophobia, prejudice or hate
- Everyone is their perfect weight.
- Every month there would be a 4 day weekend.. or maybe more often than that. . .
- Free college
- Being able to choose the weather. Of course, in my utopia, there would only be a month or so of winter. NOT 6 months!

I think that if I have kids, I'm going to teach them everything that I think they are capable of learning from me before they go to school. Did you know that the time frame kids learn a language is the age of 5? So if you teach them a language before then, they are more apt to pick it up quicker as well as another language. I thought that was interesting.

ANYWAYS, no class for me today.. so I think I'm going to run some errands and stop home.


See you all on the 6th.

Hey everyone. We presented our utopia today... it seemed to go pretty smoothly, so I'm glad we're done with it now. It was fun working on it, and I had a good time.

My personal utopia would consist of:
- Music was considered to be more than just entertainment. Oh, and none of this overzealous RIAA crap, which I feel is hurting the music industry more than it is helping it.
- No violence... except perhaps some sporting events lol
- Competent leaders, who only look out for the best of the nation, instead of just themselves and getting re-elected
- More sunny days than rainy days, even though I like the rain, and the ability to pick the temperature that I wanted to have for that day.
- Cookies and pistachios available for everyone. I say this because that's what I just saw in my drawer...
- The ability to absorb information from books just by sleeping on them. You know, through reverse osmosis or whatever... lol

Have a good day, take care everyone...

Hey all.

Yesterday was like the most bipolar-type of weather I have ever encountered. I was all springy in a skirt and then ended up freezed my kabinkis (my dad's word for butt) off later in the night. Weird.

Anyhoo- these presentations are fabulous. They make me think about last year's. Everyone has a different take on society... My own utopia would consist of:
- Lots of sun with the ability to flip a switch to have a rainy day where you could sleep in or at least have a reason to do indoor work, etc.
- No racism. Or homophobia. Or war. Or corporate ladders. Or homeless people.
- Cute, cheap clothes (sandals that don't hurt toes) and no one with bad fashion sense. :-)
- All the books that have been banned.
- One day where everyone HAS to be nice to each other.
- Students that respect teachers (It's not that I don't think you all don't respect me, I have just heard A LOT of stories about students that my other T.A. friends have that have been just jerks this semester- it angers me.).
- For population control, I wouldn't limit children in a household, but I would allow people to petition to have some deported. I figure, if you are hated by like 30 people or more, you should just GO AWAY.

How about the rest of you? What would your personal utopias be like and why? [If you have a long enough answer, it will count for two posts.]

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hey guys,
So i am official the biggest dork ever...if you know me, you know that i have a habit of locking my keys in my car...not just a habit, but a really big PROBLEM!....I usually do it about once a week, i have three spares, and i always seem to misplace those also... Anyway, today i locked my keys in at the Union parking lot...which is paid meter parking...I couldnt get a ride to my house, for like an hour, so it really sucked....i have to invent something where i dont lock my keys in my car...oh ya maybe its called a key chain or some crap. god im a freak.
hey everyone lets just say that fargo is messed up....If you can go from one of the nicest days to being jsut shitty out again...I dont know where else this would happen besides fargo..They are just teasing us because they know all of our finals are coming up and we dont want to study...well just wanted to say go TWOLVES.
well its almost over. what a great feeling. isnt this weather nice, i cant believe a while ago it was 50 below and now its like 90 degrees out. but i guess thats North Dakota and its suppose to snow what up with that? hopefully it doesnt stick, i hate snow with a passion. o well, ill just move to one of the utopias, they all seem to be warm.
a deep thought by jack handey
Better not take a dog on the Space Shuttle, because if he sticks his head out when you're coming home his face might burn up.

I should have wrote this with my last one too, but did anyone see the Tampa Bay Lightening/Montreal Canadians game yesterday? I don't know if there are any hockey fans in these classes, but it was one of the best games I had seen in a long time. Tampa was up 2-1 and then went down 3-2 before tying it up and sending into overtime with 16 seconds left in the game. They then went on to win 4-3 in the first two minutes of overtime. It was awesome, but I am pretty sure nobody cares. Oh, well. Gotta run, take care.
Hello everyone. So, we finished our utopia paper today, and we are going to present tomorrow. I like it. I think that our utopia is pretty cool. I can't wait till this week is over though. Once it finally is, I will be done with English pretty much, done with Speach, and all I will have to worry about is finishing up all of my architecture projects. How weird was today? It started out kind of chilly in the morning when I was walking to my 8:00, then it warmed up to aroun 90 degrees, and now it is like a windstorm out there and it is supposed snow tonight. I guess that's what you get when you live in North Dakota. Have a nice evening.
hey hey-

Semester is almost done and I am ready for it....Thanks for the compliments on the video but that was all erin that put it together....She rocks at that. The other island were pretty cool. It is always interesting to hear what other people think the perfect world would be. Well see ya in a couple or so

Have a wonderful day
I am so glad that we don't have to write a long final paper in Sybil's class. I have so many friends that are complaining about writing these long, in-depth English papers for their final. I feel much more stress-free because we don't have one. It's so nice. And speaking of nice!! The weather was AMAZING today! We all got a feel of summer and I don't know about the rest of you - but I loved it! =) Although now it's windy as hell out, but still warm. I hope this weather stays, I hear it's not supposed to. In fact, I heard someone talking about snow! =( Let's hope this is a vicious rumor! ;)
Yay for no class this Thursday! See you all next week!
Hey everyone-

Hope no one's getting too stressed out with the end of the year coming. Just keep things in perspective, and it'll all work out...

Our utopia project is coming long pretty well, we still need to work out a few minor details about it though. It's been pretty fun/funny working on it.

I hope everyone enjoys this wonderful day we have! It's a great day to enjoy being alive.

Well, I have to head to class, but take care everyone!
The Timberwolves won last night and are one game away from moving into the second round of the playoffs finally. They barely won lastnight, but they are coming back to Minnesota to play what hopefully is the final game of the series. I hate how all their games are on so late too, lastnights game started at 930. There hasn't been one that has started earlier then 830. They play again friday night if you didn't know. Enjoy the week, good luck to everyone on their utopia projects.
I'm looking forward to the end of the school year, too! Talk about being a little too stressed out... I'm excited to present our Utopia tomorrow in class. Anyways, I hope that you all have a good 2 weeks (or however long it is until you're done)! It's going to be a really nice day today, maybe even a little too warm for me!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The end of the semester is coming to an end and I am so stressed out. I have so many projects to finish for my architecture classes it is rediculous. I can't wait for next week to be over and then I can start studying for the really intense final that we are going to have in this class. Well, I should probably get going. I have to meet with my utopia group so we can iron out some final details. Good luck on the rest of the semester to everyone.

Well my group & I just presented out project and it went wonderful, I'm glad to have it done cause it's one less stress for me the next few weeks. Im so excited to be done with class and ready to go home and make money $$. Well good luck to everyone who presents on thursday, I might not be there, cause i'll be in sunny Dallas TX. But i'll be there next week. Everyone have a wonderful week and good luck with your classes the last two weeks of school. Cya later!!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Many of my friends look down on students who have everything handed to them. It irritates them. I don't know that it bothers me so much, but it truly does make me a little jealous. As of this moment, I work full time, go to school full time, and I'm planning (and paying for) a wedding. I'm not whining, I just wish I didn't have to work so I could really concentrate on college. Would I really take school seriously if I had everything handed to me? Yes. I'm odd like that. This was just a random thought I had today when I was considering how we stereotype others on campus. There are so many groups at NDSU. Just think about it as you walk around tomorrow.
sup everyone...well i just finished writing the last of our groups utopia paper...and its pretty P.I.M.P...Ghetto Fab Blingville, if you know what i mean...anyway we present tomorrow, im really excited...School is almost done, and im so excited to pimp it at the lakes all summer!! I have a lot of stuff to catch up on so I am at the library all day today...its cool..i hope everyone has a great week...see yall later


As I was reading through the weblogs not too long ago, I read one that talked about turning in the portfolios. I had completely spaced turning it in. So, I ran over to Sybil's office and put it on her desk...only a few days late. Hopefully she still accepts it and I don't get docked too many points. Anyways, I'm excited to watch the Utopia presentations tommorrow in class. I bet that they will be interesting. I'm also excited to present ours....next week sometime. Good luck everyone and have a great week!

14 days of college left before break!!!!! What a wonderful time of year. Except for finals. I wish my other teachers had sybils mindset on finals. But oh well. The final project is going well, looking forward to getting it over with

Hey everyone
I hope everyone had a good weekend! Another Monday...but only TEN days left of classes!! I am super excited for the summer. Jamie, Teri, and I present on our Utopia project tomorrow. It should be pretty cool because Jamie made an awesome powerpoint and we have some cool props. Well, that's all for now. Talk to you all later.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I can't wait for the end of the year either. Even though it means going back to work full time at Kohl's and moving back home. I can't wait to see some of the Utopia projects in the 8am class. I still have to finish up some stuff for mine. I have to figure out how to make the map bigger. I drew it up in AutoCad and I don't know if i could get to a plotter or how i would display it. Anyone have ideas?
So i go to turn in my porfolio on friday at 4:30, but the doors to the english department are locked. I had my porfolio in a three-ringed binder so it wouldn't fit under the door. I just shoved it as far under the door as it would go and i hope sybil got it. Did anyone else have the same problem as me? I was told the office was going to be open until 5:00. I am glad my group is done presenting for the utopias. We did better than I thought we would. To the Sine Island: the video was masterful and I've heard that it is already up for an Oscar. Now all that's left is finishing our paper. See you in a couple of weeks.

only 10 days of class left!!!, and only 9 days to get our englise thing done. but it is moving along great. It is just so hard to concentrate on school when the snow leaves and its nice again. But ill have to. Well i better go work more on the project, think up some more stuff.

well, the weekend is over and i cant wait for the next couple of weekends to end. i just want school to be over with so i can enjoy the summer. i work at a greenhouse at home and the color in the store and everywhere around there just make me want it to come faster, i wish we could all live in a utopia that had no school and it was summer all the time. that would be perfect.
Yes, this year is coming to an end, and I have no idea how many blogs I have done! :o( I just wanted to say that it was really fun listening to all of the Eutopia presentations. It made me think how there is really no possible way for us to have a Eutopia. In my Sociology class, Patty Corwin said that Eu-topia means "No Place". I just found that really interesting and it makes sense. But my question is, who really wants to live in a Eutopia? I would sometimes, but at other times I enjoy imperfection.

Anyways, have a wonderful week all!
Hey everyone hows it going. There was a big controversy yesterday in the NFL Draft about Eli Manning, who was the first pick in the draft this year, he told the chargers who drafted him first that he wouldn't play for them and wouldn't sign with him if they drafted him. Well they did, and Eli later got his wish in which he was traded out of San Diago to the NY Giants. He's never thrown a pass in the NFL and he is demanding this type of stuff already. His Dad played in the nfl and his brother is playing with the colts. I suppose its the family name that helped with this one. On another note the vikings didn't have a bad draft at all, they picked up Kenechi Udeze from USC to add some speed to the defense. Well hopefully everyones last couple of weeks goes well.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Thanks for noticing our awesome map, it was really hard to do. Yeah it was good to get our utopia project done with and the same with our portfolio. It is awesome that this semester is coming to an end. Well i will see you guys in two weeks.I am going to go out for the night.
Wow i can't believe how fast these last weeks seem to go bye. Not! I feel like this week has been forever. I've been working on my Utopia and my Portfoilo and will have them done with in the hour or so. Im not for sure how im gonna design my binding, but im sure ill figure some thing out. But I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the last few weeks we have up here!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Great Job to everyone who did their Utopia presentations tonite! They were all so good! To the Island of Sine group - the video was so kick ass! I loved it! How creative are you guys?! =) And to Ryan, Brian, and Rob's group ...nice map. ;) You know what I'm talking about you dirty boys! I laughed...I thought it was great! =) My groups Utopia went pretty good considering how fast it snuck up on us. But it's over now and I feel a lot better! I just finished my Portfolio and now I think I am headed to my bed to lay down, relax and watch the Friends episode that my roommate taped for me. I hope it's a good one! See you all in 2 weeks! Have a superb weekend!
i just wanted to say good job to all the utopia groups that presented tonight. i just hope that mine can be that good in a couple of weeks. the video was awsome! well, ill leave you with a deep thought from jack handy, "If you're a horse, and someone gets on you, and falls off, and then gets right back on you, I think you should buck him off right away."
peace out

Hey everyone,
I'm all done with my portfolio. The Utopia presentation is coming up soon for my group and I've been having a lot of fun making up this whole society for the island. I believe our presentation is on May 4th which later on that day I have another for my Product Development class. Looks like it will be a busy day. Did anyone go the the Fashion Show, yesterday? It turned out really great and it was so much fun!! Anyway I have to get busy studying. Bye!
-Hey all-

Thanks for letting us out semi-early, Sybil. I got to see the 3rd to last new episode of Friends.

My whole day has been pretty sucky. So, that made it a little better. I can't wait until school is over. I can't wait to get away from all these people! GAH!

Also, about the math test situation, my teacher never gave us an optional time to take the test. Fortunately, the day that I missed of English class was a day we were watching videos that I'd already seen.

To the group with the DVD presentation (Island of Sine) - the video was AWESOME. I was so impressed. Props to you!

I feel like my Utopia presenation wasn't put together as well as others. Hopefully we did okay on it though.

Everyone in the night class did a great job, though! Congrats guys!

hey, so i just have a comment/suggested concerning the extra credit- sybil, i am very thankful that you give us chances to get extra credit, however, both times they have been on fridays or saturdays, which is very hard for those of us who work on the weekends or go home for the weekend. i personally haven't gone home very often, but each time you've had extra credit i've been going home, and i know its my own personal fualt, but i just thought that maybe you could give those of us who aren't on campus during the weekend a chance to get the extra credit too, i guess i don't have any ideas right now for other extra credit opportunities, but i just thought i'd throw out the idea for you and see if you would be willing to make another extra credit option, but if not i understand. thanks.
Whats up everyone? I present my Utopia project today, and after that I feel like school is basically out. I cant wait for summer, school is really dragging on me this year. I have already almost finished my portfolio, and am just waiting for the weeks to pass by. I am not taking summer school, so it is just work and play this summer.
Hey everyone!

I hope everybody's week is going great. The countdown to the last day of school continues. There is now only 11 days left of classes after today, excluding semester tests. That's good news. I just heard that Concordia has semesters next week and then they are done....I'm jealous. Anyways, good luck on your portfolios and Utopia presentations!
I'm not going to be in class tonight because of my calc exam, but in my defense I would like to say that Martin said we should make arrangements if at all possible in order to be there on the specified date. He seemed like he was going to make it difficult to take at a different time, so thats why i tried to make arrangements, sybil. So anyways i have that to take care of today, I need to present my utpoia, and i need to register for classes this afternoon also. After that, I have 1 more speech date left and then finals and I will have come to the end of my freshman year, never to be a freshman again! Well, I will talk to you people on may 1!. Have a good time presenting the utopias!
Hey everyone, Just entering another blog. The school year is almost over, which is amazing. This year seemed to go by so fast. Hopefully everyone's year was good.

I watched Monty Python and the Holly Grail last night, it is one of the most funnest movie ever. If you haven't seen it before, you've gotta.
Hey so I have some sad news...and its kinda creepy also
K so last saturday i was just sitting around and I decided that I should call my grandparents ( they live in Arizona and i have not seen them since graduation) so i called them up and talked to them for about a half hour...just your average catch up

anyway i found out this morning that my grandma died last night...and its just weird that i just talked to her 3 days ago...im really sad thats shes gone, but im glad that i got to talk to her...creepy huh?

and another creepy thing, i just made a new cd a couple days ago, and i randomly decided to put Colin Raye's "if you get there before i do" on the new cd...if you know the song, its about grandparents and getting to heaven before the other one...anyway good song, just creepy that i decided to put it on my cd...

RIP grandma I love u
i hate calculus, but o well the year is almost over. the good thing is that i have my portfolio done, thats one less thing that i have to do. now i just have my calculus test tomorrow, well actually today to worry about and out utopia project then its smooth sailing till wednesday of finals week when i have my calculus final. well i think im gonna head to bead. i just thought i would come back on, i need my 10
Peace out

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Hi everyone! I was reading some of the other entries and I might have an answer to some questions.

HEATHER: As far as I understand, you can decorate the folder if you want to. She made it sound to us like we could make it as fun as we wanted to or we could just do nothing.

SARA: I believe our maps can be as specific or as general as we need. I'm thinking that the more details you have on the map, the better but I don't remember her specifying roads and things. I think the big thing is just to be creative.

RYAN: Who do you have for MicroEcon? Do you have Mack at 9:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays? Man, I hate that class too! I am going to hold of as long as I can to take Macro from ANYONE else if at all possible. I hope it's offered via the web again sometime soon!

By the way to the Monty Python lovers, "Run away!"

Okay, I guess I'm Miss Chatty tonight! : )

So anyway, gotta run - it's been fun!
Hi everyone!! Ok I'm a little confused about our portfolios does Sybil want us to decorate them.. I think that would be really fun and cute if we did :)! Our utopia project is coming along really good we are going to meet tomorrow and finalize some things. I want to have fun with this project and I think thats what the point is so thats FUN! I got to register on this past Monday and I got all the classes that I wanted, and I don't have any classes on Monday which is awesome! Well have a good night everyone! :)
Hey Everyone! All right - I have a question for you people ...what are we all supposed to put on our Utopia maps? I didn't put roads or anything on ours, so I hope that's all right. If someone could let me know what Sybil wants - that would be SUPER! We present our Utopia tomorrow, which is short notice - but we're pretty much ready and since it helps Sybil out (because of the math tests). =) Yeah, I haven't even started my portfolio yet. That makes me a little nervous. But I'll get it all done. I'll work hard! ;) But I should get to work! See you all tomorrow nite!
Done with the utopia project, need to work on my portfolio, have an exam in Anthropology 111 on Friday ( the class sucks, I suggest nobody take it), Homework in Micro, yikkkkkkkkkeees!!! I am about ready to start flinging fical matter (that's poop to all of those people that don't know, thought I would clarify) at the teachers. That was a joke, not funny....sorry. I can't wait for this semester to end, and get registered to do it again next year...after summer of course. I also thought dead week was supposed to come into effect this semester or something. Could somebody please inform these teachers that 2 exams in 2 weeks is really hard on a guy. Anyway, I am going to stop complaining because I know everybody is having a rough time as well. At least English 110 and 120 were fun all year. I always struggled in English in High School and did really good in Math. Now I struggle in Math and do really good in English. Explain that to me how that works. So I just want to say thank you, Sybil, for making a class that I usually do bad at more interesting and fun. Your class was a relief from all the other boring classes. Just to comment on that math test thing too, I don't know why anybody would want to skip a really fun english class to go take a Math test. I know I wouldn't!!! Have a wonderful couple of weeks of school and hope you all have a blast over the summer. I know I will, I turn 21 right before memorial day. Yeah baby, 35 days left. Wuh hoo
How are everyone's portfolios coming? I finished mine, but I'm not sure if I decorated mine enough. I just put a few graphics on the folder. Hopefully that is all Sybil is looking for. Only 12 days left of classes after today, excluding semesters. That is pretty exciting. Anyways, good luck on your portfolios and group presentations!
Hi everybody!
Did you all go to the FABO Fashion Show in the Union today? It was a really great; I was asked to be a model for it and walking the catwalk was so much fun. At first I was nervous, but the crowd was cheering and the music had such a good beat that I wasn't nervous through the rest of the show. It was exhausting rushing to and from the stage to get the next change of clothes on and off, then look collected on the catwalk but everything worked out. I think everyone should experience being a model or watching a fashion show at least once in their life.

The portfolio is due on Friday right, not Thursday. I have to get working on that, I almost forgot about it. It seems like there is so much to do at the end of a semester with projects and big assignments, I'm having trouble keeping track of everything. I like the idea of decorating the folder or portfolio the papers are in. It is something that a person could be very creative with. Good luck with your portfolios!

Well the end of the year is winding down. Wow this year semester has gone really fast. Our group presents this Thursday and we've got pretty much everything taken care of. I haven't out my portfolio together yet so I should probably start that today. I am glad that we don't have to turn in the utopia paper until the sixth because that takes some of the pressure off of this week. I got my schedule figured out for next semester. It's not exactly what i wanted, but there's not much you can do when classes are full. Have a nice day!
Well howdy.

School is coming to an end. English Portfolio needs to be done still. The Utopia project is coming together...but we'll see how it goes! :)

I dont know where I stand in all of this presidential candidate stuff. I think I'm kinda at where most people are at...don't want to vote for Bush, but don't want to vote for Kerry. I don't know if I like either of them. I guess part of that problem is because I don't follow politics at all.

I guess I do have to say that I feel bad for Bush. I mean every country is like "Oh the US has so much money so they should be fixing the world" or they're like "Oh the US thinks they can control everything" so either way, it just sucks, and we're in the shit hole.

But whatever...HAVE A GOOD DAY!

hey everyone! so i'm done with my portfolio, but i was wondering, sybil- what exactly do you grade on? does it matter how much of the paper we change? what if i didn't change that much, will that effect my grade? i was also wondering how i could see how many blogs i've written, i tried going to manage posts, but it would only let me see the last 100 posts which i think only went back till spring break. i guess i'll just keep on blogging just to make sure i have at least 10.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Hey hey-

The first year of college is coming to an end, it is kinda scary to think about how old I am getting. The end of the semester is sucking though. I have tons of stuff I need to be working on. My architecture teacher is giving us tons of homework. It is really frustrating, but I am almost done so. The Utopia is coming along good, and tomorrow I plan on starting my portfolio. That all that is new in my world.

Have a Wonderful day!!!!
hey hows it going, i just read that email about the alternate times for math tests thurs. nights and i had no clue about alternate times. i wish the math department would tell us these types of things so we know about them. i had no clue about any of that. it seemed whenever i had a math test it was the good days of classes and i kind of wanted to be there. but i guess thats the way things go. ttyl
hey whats going on everyone. weather is always a crazy thing. yep
well i love the weather. all i wish is that we would have the same weather as my parents are having at home. they called me on sunday and it was 86 degrees and i only live a little south of St. Paul. also they got there first tornadoe warning of the year, i love those. o well i better get to my work, i have so much to do. calculus test on thursday and that portfolio. well peace out.
Well it's a beautiful day outside but yet again I am stuck in my room doing my math homework. I have a calculus test this thursday and I need to learn alot in that short amount of time. But besides that I am doing just fine. I am still planning on playing volleyball tonight even thought I have that test coming up. I think it will be a well deserved study break. Well If I don't see ya good afternoon good evening and good night.
Hey everyone!

It is so exciting that summer vacation is only a few days away. After today, there are only 13 days left of classes, excluding semester tests. I can't wait. Anyways, my group and I are almost done with our Utopia project. We have a very interesting world. I heard that there were other groups that are doing 4 seasons...that's cool. I just finished my portfolio today. That is one less thing to worry about. Have a great week!
Wow I can't believe this school year is coming to an end. We have less than 3 full weeks of actual classes left. I can't wait to be done. I leave for South Carolina the day after finals. Im so excited. Well working on my utopia porject right now and revising my papers for our portfolio. This week is really busy I have a lot of projects and other little things do for most of my classes. Well hope everyone has a wonderful week and hope it's nice out this weekend.
If you are having problems figuring out all the presidential candidates, check out this site that another T.A. told me of. It asks you questions and then tells you, based on your answers, which candidate fits you best. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Monday, April 19, 2004

It's getting crazy!! I'm coming to a realization that teachers assign a lot of group projects at the end of the year. I have so many to do. My group and I are almost done with our Utopia project. But we still need a visual which I don't know what exactly we are going to do for that, but I think we might draw our island. Who knows. I better go work on my portfolio. I have lots to do yet.
Wow. You all have been blogging fools! Whee.. that's fun. And there are WAY too many things for me to comment on. I am overwhelmed.

When I get overwhelmed (like how it sounds like a lot of you are feeling right about now), I start to need more fun.. more delirious fun. So, if you are reading this, get up and do a little jig. Pretend there is some hip-hop playing in your brain, and just let yourself dance a weird dance for awhile. It'll make you laugh, and it'll make you realize how everything will be FINE.

Kevin, the professor that is coming to visit the night class this week, said to me once: "Life is long, college is short." Basically meaning, don't sweat it too much. Other things in your life are more important.

I want these portfolios and utopia projects to be awesome, but I don't want you all sweating and perfecting it beyond all your energies. Do your best, write up something fun and creative, and then come to class with it and let's all talk about it!!

P.S. We have participation points in this class, and many of them will be based on the audience's participation with the presentation of the utopia projects. For instance, please have LOTS of questions for the presenters.. it'll raise your grade in the participation points AND it'll make class LOTS more fun!!

This week: [Apr 20] 8am Tuesday- IACC 114. [Apr 22] 8am Thursday- Outside-of-class work day. [Apr 22] Night Class- first 4 groups present. PORTFOLIO DUE FRIDAY BY 5PM. EXTRA CREDIT FRI-SAT AT ALUMNI CENTER.
Next week: [Apr 27] 8am Tuesday- 2 groups present. [Apr 29] 8am Thursday- 2 groups present. [Apr 29] Night Class- no class due to my conference at the Research Park.
Last week: [May 4] 8am Tuesday- 2 groups present and class evaluations take place? [May 6] 8am Thursday- anymore groups and the final plus I'll hand back portfolios. [May 6] Night class- finish up groups, class evals, final, and hand back portfolios.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

hey, how was everyones weekend? i worked on the portfolio and the utopia project all weekend. so i decided that i liked the portfolio project but i can't say that i really like the utopia project. i'm just not very creative like that. but anyway. only 15 more school days left till finals week which also means only 6 more english classes, but i think its less because we have a day off some where. this semester went by really fast. and i have to say that i really did enjoy this class, it was definitely 10 times better than my english 110 class. i hope i've done ten blogs, i can't remember. so has anyone seen any good movies lately?
Hey Heather- I am taking the Online 110 publiic speaking course right now. What exactly do you want to know about it? I think its pretty much the same as the in-class one except you never go to class and you just read the assigned chapters, write journals on them, and then videotape your speech and turn it in. I kinda like it otherwiase i would have a lot more class.

I got to go paintballing yesterday. That was a lot of fun. I went with Jon and Erik from these classes. We probably had 10-15 people total, mostly from my floor. Probably half of them were new and never played before. So now I'm all cut up from beating throught the prickly ash and I have a few new welts to show off. Anyway, thats about the extent of my weekend. Won' be in class thursday.... Calc exam.
This weekend I went paintballing for the first time ever. I got to say it was a blast. Its even got me thinking of buying my own paintball gun. I realized though its quite an expensive sport. I was able to find some cheaper stuff on the internet. If you've never played I would suggest trying it out, It is really fun.

Friday, April 16, 2004

The weekend is here - and I couldn't be more psyched about it!!! Our Utopia project is catching up to us! I don't think we realized that it would come so fast! We already have to present next Thursday. But I already have my two pages written and all I need to work on is the map. Which could be interesting! But it should go all right. Sybil said we didn't have to hand the paper in that Thursday if we're not finished. So that's nice. Oh and speaking of Sybil...I loved your column in the Spectrum today! =) It was great! About the car flirting!!! hahahaha... it's funny because it's true! I loved it! And I recommend that everyone picks up a copy of the Spectrum today and reads it!!! =) Props to Sybil! But that's all ...catch you all on Thursday!
Hey everyone. Well...it's finally FRIDAY!!! One of my favorite days of the week. My weekend will be filled with work and homework. Fun stuff. So did anyone watch The Apprentice last night? I hadn't seen every episode, but for some reason when I watched it I got into it. I was excited when Bill won, I think he handled his last task better than Kwame. Talk to you later.
Sybil: This ex is 1300 miles away... in Boston.. and he should (in reality) hate me and not want to talk to me ever again, but its insane. HE is insane. PLUS he's a redhead, alcoholic and former drug addict all at the age of 21. Can't get any more messed up than that.

Ryan: I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. At least you got to know her and have a relationship with her.

I'm becoming more confident about the Utopia project. At first I was a little unsure of what was going on, but Lisa and I went in an hour before class to work on it and we got a lot accomplished in 2 1/2 hours.

I don't know if any of you non-Greeks have noticed that it is/was Greek Week this week. Just curious if any one knew or cared or had an opinion of it... because it was very unorganized and there was very little participation.. and I thought it was a waste. I probably shouldn't say this, but I don't understand the whole "I'm in a frat/sorority and you should be too!" events... and I dont think its that "cool". I have very contradicting thoughts on this subject.. but thats just another thing that makes me CONTROVERSIAL!!

Has anyone taken Comm110 online? I've heard mixed things about it. Let me know if any of you have taken it

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wow, this week couldn't have turned out any worse than it already has!! Good thing it's almost the weekend! I've been so busy with homework and my job lately, but I know it will become more hectic as the days go by. To top all of that off, my 103 year-old grandpa just died today :'(. I'm starting to write up my portion of the utopia paper; I got some ideas from my group, so I don't think it'll be that difficult to get at least 2 1/2 pages. Well, I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend!
well, the past couple of weeks and probably the rest of them arent good. i feel like its all catching up to me..AHHHH. as for the utopia project we're just getting a good start and hopefully ill get some more information typed up. i just feel like im not very creative so hopefully i wont bore you all too much when i present my part... hehe. I cant wait to be done with this semester i need a very long break!!! actually im thinking about changing my major to interior design ( is anyone in that right now...do you like it?) and i m looking at moving in with a couple people for next year. that should be fun... wow i just feel like there is a lot going on so hopefully i can keep it together for three more weeks!!! See ya all later!
hey everyone. how is the utopia project going...my groups is going pretty well. it should turn out well. man i cannot wait utill school is done. it is so hard being in school when it is so nice out. i am pretty burned out on school work too. easter was a nice break though it was good to get away for awhile and see the family. well i am out! PEACE
It is time for our Utopia projects to begin taking their shape. As we get further and further in to this assignment, it is becoming clear that this assignment is harder than I thought. There are millions of details that I didn't think about. We are walking that fine line between being very creative, yet still being believable and plausible. I cant wait to get it finished, and present it to the class.
thankyou sybill. well there is only 22 days left including days and weekends till the last day of english, it seems like its going so fast. but who cares i just want it to be summer! im sick of having to wake up in the morning to go classes. it just bites. but o well its almost over. now im gonna get to work on all the shit i have to do. otherwise ill be in school for longer than i should. whatever. peace out.
I remember one of our first assignments in class. We were told to write about what makes us controversial. I liked that assignment a lot, but I left out one detail that typically causes problems for me. In most cases, I am not afraid to say exactly what I mean. I don't soften the comment or beat around the bush. This can certainly get a person into a good deal of trouble. I don't like the fact that our society refuses to be honest about things. I don't like the fact that subjects like sex are still taboo to some. I love honesty. Of course, there are situations when it is wise to keep your mouth shut. I recognize those and respect them. The NDSU music department illustrates PC and unPC behavior the best. There is a lounge in Reineke where the instrumental and choral majors just hand out and relax. When someone cracks a politically incorrect joke, 3/4 of the students in the room think it's genuinely funny. A quarter roll their eyes and whisper about what a terrible and rude joke it was. I wish so much that people would lighten up. If I crack a joke about the Special Olympics, it doesn't indicate that I believe what I have just joked about. I may have an entirely different view. I wish people could understand this.
Sounds like plenty of you are very busy, and I think I'm going to jump on that bandwagon. This week is hell for me and next week isn't a whole lot better. Exams, portfolios, and speeches due in every class. I've been cramming all week but its getting a little better now. I have to give a speech after english class tonight, kinda nervous abotu it but its getting easier. Hey Laura I love Monty Python, his stuff is simply hilarious. "I fart in your general direction!" Ha ha damn French!
Who is this dude? Is it Trav? Yeah definitely don't let him mooch off you. That's annoying.

Me, Patti, and Teri have an awesome Utopia. It might be quite controversial, but then it makes it more fun! I'm excited to make some of the things that go with it. Of course, our utopia has to do with bling.

The title: Ghetto Fab Blingville or the GFB for short :)
Oooh... good things to comment on.

Teri: I know someone who did that too. You aren't being a bad friend. In fact, this dude might just thank you later for telling him to get his own or quit for GOOD.

Nicole: The next chance at Extra Credit is next weekend (April 23-24). At the Alumni Center, the GPACW (Great Plains Alliance in Computers and Writing) conference will be taking place. Friday is full of good sessions (I'll post 'em on here a.s.a.p. PLUS there are some undergrad students that may be presenting that day), and my session (on weblogging, of course) is at 10am on that Saturday (I know.. I know.. too early for most of you. Heck, it's too early for me, but oh well). I'll be giving 25 points again for anyone who shows up to a session and listens in, thinks about it all, and writes up a paragraph on what they got from it.

Matt: We are meeting in the IACC room 114 tonight.

Ryan: I think campus was all closed up on Friday anyhow. Plus, I only subtract late points per school day.

Laura: I love Monty Python. There's one episode where these guys are dressed up as chics and they're stoning someone.. it's funny. I can't explain it.

Heather: I loved the Variety Hour just because it was corny. And I loved that duo between Jessica and Jewel. That was excellent. I think Nick and Jess are the more improved Sonnie and Cher. / As for the psychotic ex.. oooh. That stinks. I had one that wouldn't leave me alone and HE dumped ME. Weirdos.

Patti: What was your trick in WINNING money? I don't gamble just because the two times I have, I lost. Then again, it was only a few quarters, but STILL.

Okay. That was a long entry. Remember- yours should be 5 sentences to be counted as a true entry.

*Paper #3s will be handed back today! I got 'em done. I am amazing. But my eyes hurt. Paper should come in gray.
*Portfolios will be due next Friday- check the Blackboard for the requirements sheet on those.

Well we are just starting our Utopia project and everything is going good so far. We are dividing up our 10 topics and seeing what we come up with. Our topics are pretty interesting. We did something like this in 8th grade, so I don't think its going to be too tough, well I hope not. Well everyone have a great day!! :)
K so here is my controversy for the week...I have this friend who is "quiting smoking" but he isn't really trying that hard, he thinks he is but he really is just not buying packs. So his way of "quiting smoking" is just to not buy packs but just mooch (?) off of me. I gave in at first, and now I am sort of getting pissed and telling him just to go buy his own and stop mooching off of me.. Am i being a bad friend for telling him he won't be able to quit so just go buy some?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Man o Man I am just swamped with stuff to do this week. I have a Chemistry test on Friday and I need to do good on it. Then we have this english portfolio due and our utopia project. I'd say these next couple of nights aren't going to be too much fun. But I hope everybody else is taking it easy. See ya later. Hopefully

I didn't do so well on my last paper. Sybil said that we would have another chance at extra credit does anyone know if its coming up soon??

this weather is good but whats up with the breeze its sort of chilly. oh well i guess you cant complain, it could be snowing and 20 below, now that would suck! well i just thought i get on here, i need to get my ten by the end of the year and i was wondering if anyone in the night class knows if we are suppose to meet somewhere other than the classroom. i think i heard something but i dont remember. well im gonna go enjoy this weather instead of sitting on my butt on the computer.

Speaking of grandmothers, I had the crappiest Easter I have ever had. First, I forgot to turn my paper in on Thursday I thought no big deal, I could turn it in Friday. Well, friday morning I got a phone call from my mom that my Grandma was in the hospital. She had fallen down a flight of stares and fractured a disk or something in her back. So I had to go spend Easter in the hospital with my grandma while she lied in bed in agony. I think this had to be the worst thing that happened to my family since my great grandpa died on Christmas Eve in 1996. I just got home this morning and I remembered that I forgot to turn in my paper, so now it is late and I have an exam tomorrow in Chemistry. Yep, can't wait till school is over. It seems like if something bad happens, I always fall behind. Anyway, have to cram for this test, have a lovely week everyone and have a good weekend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Isn't the weather GREAT? I just didn't want to go home and do homework today after work! It was awesome! So I went home and got my new rollerblades out and went blading for a while. Well, I guess what I did shouldn't really be called 'blading' but I only wiped out once so yeah me!

Any Monty Pithon fans out there? Can we say "Bring out your dead!"

Okay that was random!

Have a great rest of the week peoples!
OH MAN! I miss golfing!!

I'm sitting in the computer lab in the library, and people keep talking about this "Dudley" dude. What's up with that????

Did anyone watch the Nick and Jessica Variety Hour? I love them both.. well.. just Nick, but I like Jessica's music... but HONESTLY! It was corny as hell. I'd rather watch the reality TV drama than that.
Well, only about 19 days left for this girl until she gets to go back home! I'm really looking forward to this summer! These last couple of weeks are going to be a little stressful, but oh well.... i'll get through it! My Easter break was awesome! I had a great time being with the family and hanging out with friends that I don't see that often! My utopia project is going pretty well, we came up with some really good ideas today, so hopefully everything is going to fall into place nicely! I just got done golfing, and boy, was it nice this afternoon! Have a good week!!

My Easter break was pretty nice. I just kind of hung out at my house and took it easy. It would have been a lot better if i didn't have to write two papers and a speech for today. We had my dad's side of the family out to our house on Easter. Lots of people and lots of food which meant...lots of leftovers!!! That's always the best part about having family over on holidays. Well I haven't done a whole lot on the utopia project, so I'll have to start working on that more this week. See you all on Thursday.

P.S. Laura: that cat story is hilarious!
hopefully everyones break was good. mine was ok but a lot of work. i figured out how important the easter bunny is to little kids. i had to be the easter bunny for about 2 hours on saturday at work and i got two notes and a couple carrots, and i work at a greenhouse. i think thats sort of pathetic and i hope that i was never like that. but o well the break wasnt bad, now i just cant wait for the year to be over.
Well I had a great easter break. I got together with the relatives and had supper at my uncle's house which was fun. We ended up playing four wheeler tag for a good portiion of the day. In case you don't know we all brought our four wheelers to his house and one person has a whiffle ball and if the hit you with it then your it. Pretty simple really. Then we played some cards and all in all had a good time.

19 more days of school.

My Easter was uneventful, but it was nice to just sit at home and relax.

Has anyone ever had to change their phone number because of a psychotic ex?

In my Utopia, relationships wouldnt be so damn difficult! But, that's how they're suppose to be, right? Speaking of Utopia. . . LISA BOEHM! We need to get crackin'!

Boy, you all were busy busy busy while I was gone... wow. Isn't it going to be fabulous to have 3 months of summer! And no homework! That is what I am focusing on because my brain hurts.. it hurt before I went to Texas and now it hurts more. There were so many great presentations there! I'll have to share some paper titles with you all.. plus, I went to the top of the Tower of Americas, ate lots of authentic mexican, and met a great gal from the UK.. my roommate for the week.

This conference on Popular Culture had topics ranging from Sex and the City to Buffy to weblogging to Hip Hop in Germany to teaching stuff to sports to.. even one about Playboy and the gender images in the issues since it's beginning. It was crazy stuff!!

I learned a lot, and yet I am glad to be home in safe "little Fargo." Yup yup yup.

::Paper #3s will be handed back Thursday *crosses fingers*
::Portfolio Requirements sheet is on Blackboard
::Portfolios are due, for now, next Friday, April 23
::Thursday Night class will have majority of Utopia Presentations next Thursday, April 22
::This whole week- Group Work Time in the Computer Lab!
(don't say I didn't give you any in-class time to work!)

;-) Later ya'll.

Hey hey!

How was everyone's Easter? Mine was pretty cool. I woke up and went to church at 8 (not cool), had an Easter candy hunt at my house, went to brunch at the Green Mill, then went to another brunch at the Radisson. After all of the eating, I went to the casino in Mahnomen. It was awesome because I left with $180 more than I went with, and I rarely win at the casino. This semester is already almost coming to an end and I am so excited!

Talk to you later...
Hey everyone..
I hope everyone's easter was great, mine was pretty boring, I had to work, and my mom didn't even cook me any food!!!...ahh mothers. A couple of weekends ago my car broke, and my dad paid $450 to get it fixed, now he's putting my bill on a credit card...lame, with two percent interest. I guess he's really serious this time about me paying him back. But he is getting me a CJ7 jeep, bright orange, california style. pimp it later peoples.

Monday, April 12, 2004

I didn't have an eventful Easter, but It doesn't really matter though. I got into a plastic mini-Easter-egg fight this weekend; it was a good time, without the mess of real eggs. You would be surprised how hard those plastic eggs can hit you and how much of a mark they leave behind!

I have lots of ideas for my group's Utopia project but I'm having a hard time coming up with something really original. The naming of the country is going to be a challenge; I have always had trouble commiting to naming things (like pets). I guess it will sort itself out in the end.

Hey its monday. Thats too bad :(. I had a good easter but i needed to come back up early in order to prepare a speech that i've been slacking on, and I could'nt work on it at home because my computer there is a piece of crap with dial-up internet, so here I am all alone in Johnson Hall. The Utopia project... Not much of a utopia so far. We came up with some ideas but they weren't exactly utopia for everyone, just for the select few creators (us). So plenty of revising and a lot of work are in order for that project. Well I hope everyone had a good Easter, and I will see you all on thursday. Now I need to get back to that speech.....
Hi everyone. In one month, Spring Semseter is over, yahoo! Not that I don't like school and all but this semester has been tiring. Besides, I'm ready to start some new subjects. I super enjoyed Sybil's class but there is one class in particular I cannot wait to be done with!

Other than that, I hope everyone had a good Easter. I spent the evening with my grandma and two aunts playing cards. My grandma and I were partnered against my aunts and we beat them up!

Something sad though is that my grandma is not doing well health wise. It makes me really sad. As much as I'm glad I get to spend time with her it hurts to think about life without her. I have a standing 'date' with her on Friday nights so when she's gone it will leave a void.

Oh man, I have a story to tell! It's starting to be funny now but it wasn't when it happened! Anyway, here goes . . . There was a leak in a pipe above my refridgerator so the maintenance guys cut a hole in the ceiling. The left the hole open for about a week. The day they came to close the hole, my cats decided they needed to investigate the scene. Well, one of them didn't get down in time and one of the cats got sealed up in the ceiling. When I came home, I knew something was wrong because only one cat was there to great me. I checked all the rooms and closets, etc. but no second cat. I could hear him meowing though. So of course I'm panicking and upset and the worse I cry the worse, he cries. It took an hour for the maintenance guy to come and cut a hole in the ceiling again. Oh it was the longest hour of my life. Anyway, it's getting funnier but it sure wasn't funny at the time!

So my question is, is the story funny or sad?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Hey-It easter, That means that there is only little time left of this semester. I can't wait for the semester to be done. Finals and everything. I want to go back home and work and relax. I think that my brain could use it. Anyways, I came on here, trying to print that portfolio page and its not working cause my computer back home is really a piece of work. Well i will see you all in class thursday

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Finished my paper. Now Im ready to Utopia it up! I am looking forward to easter break. I think this Utopia project is cool. We really get free reign to create our own little world.
hey everyone~
well i thought over easter break i was going to relax but thats another story...i have sooo much homework...the last day of classes could come any day now! Hehe!

Utopia Project... i havent really gotten that far but i figure we have some more in class time to work on it so hopefully i can get something accomplished!!!

Another thing...I can't believe it snowed ... well at least it did here in Bemidji and arent we supposed to be done with that! Hehe!

Well ill see you all in class next week!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

hi everyone...how is teh utopia project going? our group has only met in class so we are not very far yet. anyone have any big plans for easter break? not me i can't even go home... i have baseball games friday saturday and mondday..i think i may try and sneak home on saturday night. well have a great break everyone!!!
I also had a test in Dress in World Cultures and Sociology Wednesday! And a speech the day before that! Crazy! We're like the same, Brent! =) Anyway, I will be glad for break to come tomorrow...it's been a busy week. I will also be handing my English paper in on the way to Comm. 110 today to get that off my mind. I had a little trouble fitting in an argument into my paper. I hope it turned out all right. I guess we'll see! But, have a great break! See you all next Thursday!!!
So, the Utopia project is great and all.. but I havent started on it besides what Lisa and I did in class.. which wasnt that much.

Doesn't it bother you when you KNOW something is wrong with someone, but they said "nothing's wrong"? But, if they really told us what was bothering them, would we take the time to listen to them and truely care?

How about when you know someone is mad at you, yet they say they aren't. WHY LIE ABOUT IT! JUST SAY IT! SAY YOU'RE MAD! DO IT!

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

hey whats going on?? I have been having trouble coming up with words to do my report on and i was looking for some help. thanks everyone
This is pretty cool that we have another break allready, and we just got done with spring break! Today sucked, I had two tests, one in Sociology and one in Dress in World Cultures. And besides the tests I had to give a speech this morning at eight. Oh, well. I hope you all have a great "Easter/late spring" break! Well I better get goin I have to finish up my paper a bit. c-ya.
Yeah my paper is done!!! This makes me really happy.:) It only took me a couple hours. I'm soo excited to go home for Easter, its a needed break for sure!!! I just keep thinking only 1 more month left of school, which makes me really happy!!! On tuesday are we starting our Utopia projects in class? I think thats what we're doing. Well everyone have a good break!!! HAPPY EASTER :)
Paper is due in a couple days....I got most of it done, still needed a little more info so
*a situation out there that you don't know what to where too??**
Nothing else is really new, I play football and stuff outside today that was nice, tonight I decided to stay and try and get some work done. Arch has got me doing everything from drawing the power plant on campus to whittling a spork so yeah...Well ideas are needed and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Hey- Whats going on. Now that the weather looks like its going to be nice, homework is going to be the last thing that is one my mind. I really dont want to go to any classes anymore because i would rather be doing something outside. I went to the Bison Baseball game, they destroyed crookston. My paper is coming along well with a lot of help at the conference so i am really glad that i signed up. Alright Im off to eat
My opinion on the whole lottery thing that you all are talking about is - if people want to buy lotto tickets, they will - whether they have to drive to MN or wherever to get them. So ND might as well have a lotto too - I think it will benefit our fine state! And I agree that ND has ALWAYS been afraid of change...and I think it will ALWAYS be this way...oh well.
I had my paper #3 conf. w/ Sybil today. It went well and now I will be able to finish it up and be ready to hand it in! Another paper down! How are everyone's utopia projects going? I hope well.
Hey I just wanted to post on the subject of the lottery in ND. I don't get what the big deal is. If people are dumb enough to waste their money on lottery tickets, then the great state of ND may as well benefit from their folly. Gamblers pick their own pockets, my dad always used to tell me. It sounds like a good way to generate revenue to me, which is always a good thing for a state. Perhaps taxpayers wouldn't have to pay in as much? They say thats what happens but I hear thats not necessarily the case. Ok see you guys next week. Enjoy the beautiful weather!
hey this in response to the blog about introducing the lottery to ND. I'm from Minnesota which has had a lottery from quiet sometime. Having a lottery can be a benefit to a state. Taxes from the lottery can be used to build city projects such as parks, office buildings or sports stadiums. Having a lottery is far less worse then having a casino instead.
Good morning everyone! What a wonderful day yesterday was and it looks like it's gonna keep happening! Yahoo!

Paper three has been fun to write. I realized after my conference with Sybil that my paper was lacking my personal experience with my topic - duh! Anyway, I am trying to define success. It's amazing how many people feel that success is based on money. That's sad.

Anyway, did anyone see the movie "Standing Tall" yet? Yummy is all I have to say! What do you guys/gals thing?

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hello everybody. What's up? I haven't wrote in our little class blog for a while. I am in the IACC right now and I really should be sleeping or studying, because I have two tests and a speech on Wednesday. That is not cool. So, instead of doing one of those things, I am writing on the class blog and trying to finish my paper #3. School can be really tough. Besides the fact that I just want this semester to be over, two of my friends and I just recently found the apartment that we are moving into in the middle of May. That whole situation is making my life go by so slowas well, because I can't stand living in the house that I am living in right now anymore. I like my roomates, it's just that they are up there on the most inconsiderate list and are also some of the messiest people on the face of the earth. It drives me crazy. I also can't stand it when my roomate steals all of my clothes without asking. Anyway, enough bitching. Hope you all had a great weekend. Later.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

There have been a few items causing a lot of fuss in the media lately. The item that frustrates me the most is that of the lottery being introduced to ND. Some people think this is going to lead to the complete downfall of our state. I think that idea is a bit dramatic. After all, no one will ever hold a gun to your head and threaten to shoot unless you buy a lottery ticket. That's absurd. It is all a matter of personal choices. If you believe you are sacrificing your morals by trying your luck at a gajillion dollars, don't buy a ticket. If you don't want your children to become involved with any type of gambling, set an examply by not purchasing a ticket. If others find enjoyment in the activity, who are we to stand in their way? North Dakota frustrates me in this respect. I think we can be a bit archaic in our beliefs. (The fact that the cohabitation law still stands in ND illustrates this beautifully!) Why are we so afraid of change?
hello everyone. so i really thought we only had to do five blogs to get all the points but i was informed on thursday that its actually ten so i guess i'm going to have to start blogging some more. i still don't know what to write about for paper 3. yes i know the rough draft was already due, and i started writing about love, but i got stuck after about a page and a half and the little bit that i had wasn't even good. so i'm going to change it but i just don't know what to change it to yet. i was thinking about justice or forgiveness, but i don't know. i also have two tests this week that i have to worry about. i'm starting to feel stressed. hope everythings going good for everyone else.
Hey everyone-Hope everyone is enjoying their first day of daylight savings time. I like it when we fall back not leap forward. At least now it will be darker an hour later then usual. Once again last night Reed/Johnson had another fire alarm, bring the total close to fifteen now. Hope everyone has a good week of school before break.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

I wish I would I have taped my brother and my dad working on our new bathroom downstairs.. If I had a dollar for everytime they.....

Anyhoo- my brain hurts. Not tickles (see the Rectum). But I can still do math (see the Rectum... the April Fool's edition of the Spectrum). My brain hurts due to putting this presentation together. Why did I decide to do three different conferences all on different topics and all in one month? Erg.

Good luck to all of you on Paper #3. I'll see some of you next week!

Hey- Man it's nice to see that the weather is nice agian. Except we are in fargo where the wind blows like no other, so it still feels like it is below zero. How fun is that seriousally. I dont think that paper 3 will be very tough, I am doing the definiton of a friend, if you have any of your own definitions, that would be helpful so that i could use them in my paper. Thanks

Friday, April 02, 2004

Well the sun was shining today and it was beautiful out. My hockey team lost our semifinal game 6-4. I was sad to have it end because I haven't played for a long time and it was fun doing it again. I'm thinking about playing in a rugby game on saturday because I've never played it before and would like to try it out. Well thats about all I have so everybody have a good weekend and I'll see you later.

i'm so glad that its friday and its looking great outside!
everyone have a great weekend, ill be spending mine at work.
at least we have a mini break next weekend. have fun!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I know i might be a little late but i was wondering what we were suppose to do with the second half of The Giver for class this week? was there questions that we were suppose to print out for discussion like last time or am i just worying too much? o well i guess ill find out in class later tonight.
hey everyone! great weather isn't it! well i am doing paper #3 on what is or who is an "adult" it is going well so far, but if anyone has so ideas about what it means please please let me know! i could use some good ideas.
Hey guys-
Well I final picked a word...nothing like putting it off til the night before my favorite. I am going to do "appropriate attire" I am going to do alot of situations and just give little rules so if there is any situation you want me to define that would be very very helpful...thanks

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