Friday, January 30, 2004

Thanks very much i probably would have looked right over that note about no e mailed papers...
Nicole- i'm pretty sure Sybil wants the actual papers handed in to her at her office... on her site it says no e-mailing papers or assignments...

Thursday, January 29, 2004

A few questions:
Do we turn our papers into your office tomorrow before 5 p.m. or can we e-mail them to you?
Were are meetings with you worth any point ?
just a few things that I'm not quiet sure about.
Great posts on here everyone. I am totally impressed.

As most of you know, hopefully, conferences for today were cancelled due to my sore throat. The cold conjested part of my head is gone, but now it's the throat.. and I am sure talking for 4 hours is not what a sore throat should have to suffer through. I really hate being sick.

But, since I'm not feeling 100%, this weather is perfect. My car is a frozen silver igloo that had to be jumped for the first time in 5 years of owning her yesterday afternoon (my little sis's Cavalier had to "juice" the battery for 20 minutes- THAT's cold!!!). I could go on and on complaining about weather and sickness... erg! PLUS, they want to take an English Dept photo tomorrow outside!! Isn't that INSANE?

I use to do the role playing thing.. for one game's worth. My ex was BIG into it. I was a fairy, but one of the ogre players KILLED me. I wasn't happy about that AND decided to never play again. My fairy's name was Zowie Tulipfinger.

*I don't know what's going on with the Fargodome parking. *It's better on our cars NOT to salt the roads.

According to my dad, weather like this keeps out the "rif raf" from our state. According to me, it just means that we can handle more stuff (digging out cars just to go shop, etc). Plus, I think that the weirder and more inconsistent the weather, the more fun the people. Like, when I went to Portland, OR, the people there were sorta boring and "too" normal. Crazy weather shakes people up. This is just a controversial theory of mine. Back to the medicine cabinet.

Hey Everyone ~
I just forgot that i hadn't been on here for a while so i decided to come check out what everyone was talking about. I along with everyone else, agree that the list on the board got me thinking, and i also think that it is extremely cold as well. i still like winter but i dont know about the walking in it...
As for birthdays.... i have had some of the greatest. Most years i spend my b-day which is July 13th, at our cabin on Cass Lake. i have never had a boring b-day there...both sides of my family have cabins on the same beach so we spend a lot of time together and then i invite a bunch of friends out there also. Last year had to be one of the best though.... some friends and i headed out to the cabin and enjoyed the WARM weather, but then later that night we decided to go to Moondance Jam!!! Moondance is a huge gathering of people from all over just camping and going to concerts held all day and night. well this past summer Alice Cooper was there and he sang the song Eighteen right at midnight which was crazy becuase i turned 18 right then!!! It was cool hehe!!!
ohhhh im soo sad right now too.... cause i just went out to start my car and it wont start. i tried jumping it quite a few times and i bought some of that Heet stuff but it still wont start..... That will be interesting seeing as i have to move it when they plow the lot on monday.... hmmm. well i think im gonna go so i will see you all in class!!!
Hey all,
Ask my mom, she thinks b-days are controversial considering that her b-day was today and she got a root canal done for a present. Crappy way to celebrate your 39th b-day. I told her that sucks cuz then she is over the hill next year!! I think your b-day should be a mandatory day off. I mean, most take it off, but it should be mandatory. Oh, and the day after, cuz you need to recover from the hang over. I just thought of that cuz I will be 21 on May 26th. 119 days left, I am so excited that I am counting down. For spring break, me and my roommates plan to drive to California to be on the Price is Right. And of course to hang out at the beach. And as far as this weather, I am so glad that in 2005 I will be spending a year in Australia for study abroad. Warm all year round, sounds good to me. I might just stay there, knowing I have to come back to good old windy, cold, and boring Fargo. (no offense to those that have lived here all there lives). I guess that is controversial in every aspect, now isn't it. Have a wonderful weekend everybody and don't study too hard, and don't forget to have some fun!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So I have been thinking today; why don't they salt the roads in ND? I swear that there is so much more ice on the roads than I have ever seen in the past (I grew up in MN). Another thing, why are Doc Martens so hard to walk in on the ice? I was walking to my car today, and with my luck, I ended up slipping! Earlier today, I was walking with tennis shoes on, and I wasn't sliding anywhere! To get to my point: I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS WEATHER! I guess that I am really looking forward to spring break... Heather and I are going to Ft. Myers! 45 days and counting!

Hope everyone stays warm and doesn't get sick!
Hey everyone-

My name is Brennan Forward. I grew up in Oakes, ND - small town of about 2,000 people. So far I have got no complaints about class. Very interesting stuff we are doing right now. Last night the heater in my car did not work, but luckily it worked today. I tried jump starting my girlfriend's and her sister's cars this morning to no avail. I didn't get either cars started and ended up not being able to feel my toes. This is the coldest I can remember it ever being.

To bring up a different topic, what's the deal with us having to move our cars from R lot Monday by 5 pm to the Fargodome, and then if we do not move them out of the Fargodome parking lot by 8 am Tuesday, we will get ticketed? I don't know about everyone else, but I am not too excited about waking up early to walk over to the Fargodome (brrrr), and move my car. I don't know if there is anything going on at the Fargodome, but don't they have a large enough parking lot to be able to park cars from the dorms and still have plenty of room for visitors' cars. Let me know if anyone knows what is going on at the Fargodome that needs all of the parking spaces.
Okay so I've decided I CANNOT stand this weather! As soon as I thaw out I want to move. Arizona has a nice sound right now!

DAVID - You said you like D&D. What kind of characters do you play? I was a monk once with a group of friends but I would rather be an elf or wizard or something so I could contribute to fights and stuff more. The spells and stuff seem to work better than my weapons did. Anyway, just curious.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Why would it be bad to get gifts in celebrating birth? I give gifts to celebrate all sorts of stuff. Hmmm... just a question, Heather.

Anyhoo- glad you all liked the big honking lists we made in both classes. I like throwing things on the board and trying to figure it all out. Plus, that's the best way to brainstorm- have you ever taken a piece of unlined paper and just started writing/doodling? I get the best ideas that way. It feels weird at first, but... well, maybe we'll have to try that in class sometime.

Hey, 8 a.m. class- I need you all to go take a survey on my xanga site.
Hey all... Is everyone enjoying the great weather? Today I went out to my car and it didn't want to start because its so cold out. Let me tell you, leather is not nice in the winter . I'm not a fan of these extremely cold days. I'm counting down the days until warm weather! Is anyone going to Mexico or some where warm? I'm supposed to be going to Florida. I really hope I get to spend a week on the beach! Well until next time you guys enjoy the weather and bundle up!
Birthdays are somewhat controversial because you receive gifts, and sometimes that isn't the right thing to do. Because you are celebrating birth. Just a thought... Last year for my 18th b-day I was in Europe/England and the drinking age was 18 so that was awesome for me.. Also I had a couple surprise birthdays. When I was turned 17 I also got a new Jeep, so that was cool too.. I guess I've had good b-days :)

So is this weather normal in FARGO?? Because it really sucks!!! Tonight it's supposed to be -40 to -60 windchill.. AHH I don't like this at all....

I also liked thursdays class, the list we made was awesome. It really got me thinking about a lot of different ideas. Anyways KEEP WARM :)!!!!
My birthdays haven't been anything out of the ordinary. Not too many people do anything for me on my birthday because it's not during the school year. Most of my friends already have plans made for their summer vacation, so not a lot are even around. It's easy to forget it. My birthday is on May 31...does anyone have the same?

Monday, January 26, 2004

Wow, it's barely the 3rd week of class, and I'm already behind in these posts... I'm really bad with these things. Well a few of you might remember me from last Semester. I was in the 12:30 TR class then, and now I'm in the Thursday evening class.

I suppose I just write a little about myself here. I like to Role Play, D&D etc..., I follow politics, and I'm obcessive about Hogan's Heroes. Other than that I'm kind of a boring person...
So, class on thursday was fun. I liked the list of controversies we made in class. I'm not even sure what my group and I are even going to be doing.
I love all the snow we are getting!!! Besides the fact that it was really hard getting around last night with all the snow.
I also didn't realize that Sex and the City had the season's out on DVD. I have all 5 seasons of Friends. I think I will have to start getting Sex and the City on DVD. I used to watch it all the time, but now I can't since I live in the dorm.
Well, even though we got a foot or so of the white stuff, I felt like I was in Mexico on my birthday. I ate and ate and ate... Mexican Village for lunch with my bf, and dinner at Paradiso with mi familia. I got a furry bag that is so ugly its cool from my sisters, Al Green's CD ("Let's Stay Together."), and the fifth season DVD of Sex and the City.. among other things.

I was trying to think of how controversy plays into snow or birthdays, and I think I am stumped. Anybody got any ideas (besides getting arrested on your birthday :-) ?? [p.s. Thanks for sharing your stories, people.. all good ones!]

Warning: I am slowly getting rid of a cold, so if I look like hell this week- that's why.

On my 16th birthday two of my friends decided to kidnap me all day. Not to metion it started at 6am. It was a day of events. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is. That evening they took me to dinner at Four Paws a very nice resturant downtown St.Paul. I had been blind folded so that I couldnt see where we were going. My friend had stopped at a stop light and said dont do anything stupid there is a cop parked next to us. Well i choose not to believe her and decided to goof off. I ended up flicking the poor officer off and then was pulled over and removed from the car. I had to explain to the officer that it was my birthday and my friends were trying to keep me surprised. After about 20mins, missing our reservation and getting lost. The officer let us go. With a warning thank god!! I will always remember my 16th birthday now cause i almost got ticketed for harassing and officer. The rest of my birthday was great They had planned a surprise party with all of my friend. It is definetly a day I will remember for a long time.
Hi, my name is Matt Tolsma, Im 19 years old and A Civil Engineering major from Inver Grove Heights which is about 5 minutes south of St. Paul MN. i reall dont get this whole blogger thing so if someone could explain that to me i would appreciate it. all i know is we need more than one scentence.
Hi y'all. I finally made it on here. So I'm supposed to say something about myself. Probably the most interesting, I think, is where I'm from or where I've been actually. The short answer of where I am from is Edgeley, ND. That's 38 miles straight south of Jamestown if you're familiar with the area at all -- and if you even care. :) The long story however is that I left ND when I was 18 and that is about 18 years ago now. Ugh, I'm getting old. Between graduating on my 18th birthday and now, I joined the army to learn Russian and be a spy of sorts. I could tell you more but then I'd have to kill you -- J/K. While in the army I served in Monterey, CA., Goodfellow AFB, TX, Fort Polk, LA, a small base out side of Boston, and Augsburg, West Germany.
After the military I lived in South Florida for seven years and Utah for five years. When I figure out why I moved back to North Dakota, I'll let you know!

I've traveled to tons of countries but I'd have to say my favorite country to date is Italy. The country that made me appreciate being an American the most was Hungry. It was like being in a different world while I was there.
Let's see, this is supposed to be short so I'll try to include a couple more things and move on. I have two cats, Tiger and Bagheera, that are treasures in my life! They're such cuties. Dogs are better pets in my opinion, but when you live in an apartment, cats are much easier to deal with. Fortunately, I happened to get lucky and like my pets!
Well, that's all I'll torment you with for now but I just wanted to say hi and I just love Sybil's class! She's so kewl!
Hey everyone,

I guess something that is related to the birthday subject is the fact that mine lands on Memorial day like every other year. My grandma's birthday is two days after mine. And as far as that getting older thing Sybil, my mom thinks that she gets younger every year. She has the same b-day in the same month as you. She is going to be 39 but she swears up and down that she is not a day older than 30. One more thing, the year that I turn 21, (which is this year) they throw that stupid leap year day in there to make it even longer. I despise leap year very much now!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Hey everyone!

My name is Patti Hofstad. I'm from Fargo and I chose to go to NDSU to stay close to home. I am in the University Studies program right now, but hopefully i will declare my major by the end of this year. In my free time I enjoy movies, music, sleeping, and pretty much anything. I work at Dairy Queen on 32nd ave South and am a manager there. Its pretty pathetic because I have worked there since 8th grade, haha.
That's a little bit about me! Talk to you later.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Not relating to birthdays, but I just drove from my place by Otter Tail Lake to NDSU in UNDER an hour. Usually it takes at least an hour and 45min or more. Damn storm... oh well.

On my 17th B-day, a bunch of my friends definately made it something to remember... So, I go to school, not expecting anything... *deep breath* As i walk in to the school, I start to notice signs down the hall. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLES! signs were EVERYWHERE in the school. My locker was full of signs and streamers. But hey, there was more... during the school day, they managed to hijack the keys to my car out of my locker, and proceeded to fill it completely up with balloons, confetti, and signs. Plus they had streamers and everything else like that hanging out the windows and the trunk. I drove all the way home with that stuff on it, because there was too much to take out haha.

Almost two years later, I think there are still bits of confetti in my car... prolly due to me always wanting to remember how funny that day was.

Happy Birthday, Sybil :)
Just my luck, a Winter Storm Watch had to go and sit its butt on my birthday weekend. What am I going to do about this birthday month of mine? Sheeesh.

In less than 12 hours, (I was born at 2 in the morning) I'll be 27. I don't even feel 25, so whatever.

Anyone got any birthday wisdom/advice or crazy stories?

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hi everyone! I am Erin Haugeberg and I am from Minot, North Dakota. I was went to a small high school in Surrey, North Dakota and graduated with a class of thirty-four. I have no idea why I came to NDSU, but am very glad I did. I am currently a University Studies Major, but hopefully be attending Minnesota State University: Moorhead next year where I will take up Graphic Communications. I enjoy road trips, Josh Hartnett, and making videos. And, that is me in a nutshell! Good luck in Composition!
Hey, i finally got on. I like this class, i didn't think i would like a night class, but its nice to only meet once a week. I did my paper on if we really went to the moon. I think we did, but many people think we didn't. Well, see ya next week.
Your Questions Shall Be Answered:

Source amounts.. for this one, go with your instincts. If you think your paper is fine with one awesome source, cool. I would recommend 3. Three is always a good number to start with.

So, Ryan.. yea, use the Psych book, but see if you can't find something else on it too. We can look tonight when we go to the lab too. There's gotta be a psych magazine on like Infotrac that might have something.

And Heather, even though they're myths, people still research the heck out of them. I would look using the following in a search bar (like Yahoo!s): "apple a day" "myth"... etc. Try various search terms or even an advanced search.

Everyone staying warm? I remember on my golden birthday (2 years ago) how it was 45 degrees. It had never ever been above zero on my birthday before that year. Good old el nino.

Your welcome, but, boo hoo, I wanted to be original!!! I guess I should have never said anything. Why can't you do the one on Elephant Farting, huh, huh!! Why couldn't that one have interested you, huh, huh!! j/k

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Mozart effect!


Ahh brilliant... thats what I'm doing my on! No more apples!

Hey anybody I have a question how many sources do we need? And I have another question, how are we supposed to find sources if these are myths... SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE :)
Hey Everyone.
Hi my name is Nicole but everyone calls me Nikki. I am a freshman this year. My hometown is Rosemount MN just south of the Twin Cities. I started the year majoring in Architecture but I have recently decided to add a little to it. I just declared my second major last week. I will now also be majoring in Child Development and Family Science. It's a little crazy but it's fun. Well I guess im having a little problem with what to write about for our first paper. If anyone has any suggestions for me that would be greatly appreciated. See ya in class. Nikki
Hey y'all:

I'm from South Fargo. I never really planned on going to school here, but ... here I am. I'm planning on majoring in psychology. Psychology is one of the most interesting aspects in life for me. Even if I change my major to something else, I will always have a passion for it. I love listening to music, watching reality TV, spending a ton of time on the internet... and.. wow, I sound like a huge nerd. I guess you can decide that for yourself.

Hey everyone,

I have found some quite interesting myths which some of you may have heard if you have a psychology class right now or have had in the past. The first is right out of the text, it has to deal with an elephant farting so much in one day, that it lets off enough gas to supply a car for 20 miles. The other is the Mozart Effect which we went over in class on Wednesday Jan. 21st. I found these to be quite interesting and am looking into them much farther. My question is, for you Sybil, can I just use the one out of my psychology text book if I can't find anything out about it more extensively? I ask this because if I can't find the one about the elephant farts, the writer of the psychology books states it but doesn't give a reference on where he found it at. I appreciate the input.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hey everyone! I just got on here... so I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm Whitney Basgaard and I am from Bemidji, MN. I love it there, although like most places there is nothing to do... hehe! I am majoring in Architecture, but I couldn't tell you if that's what I want to do with the rest of my life... we'll see! I also am the oldest child, with a sister in 10th grade. I love spending time with friends, going to my cabin on Cass Lake, four-wheeling, snowmobiling, and of course ice skating (I was a hockey cheerleader for four years and love to be on the ice). That is a little about me and I hope to get to know everyone else a little better throughout the semester. See you all in class!!!
Hey all.
Okay.. a few more things that I was thinking of already this morning (sometimes my own brains amazes me):

-Student Presentations. Sign up will take place Feb. 3 (for the 8am class) and Feb. 5 for the night class. You may want to figure out who your group is now, just to be safe, etc. Plus, I want to try to remember, but I may forget to tell you that you will grade your group members for these presentations. I know how group work goes.. sometimes it works well and everyone deserves an equal grade, but sometimes, one person gets stuck doing the work. And that's just not right. So, after you present, you'll email me and grade the others in your group. It seems fair to me. I'll take into account your grade with mine, etc.

-Writing Conferences. Writing Conferences will take place next week- no regular classes. You'll sign up for these conferences on this Thursday (Jan. 22). So far, I have 15 minute slots open in the afternoons Tuesday through Thursday. Be in class on Thursday. Missing a conference starts your grade at -10 points. Plus, remember that you have to hand in each paper draft in order to get points for the portfolio at the end of the semester.

Hey everyone. I'm Kristin Satren. I'm from Bloomington, Minnesota. I recently changed my major from architecture to psychology, however, I'm thinking about changing it again, possibly to accounting. If any of you have any comments about any of those majors I'd love to hear it. My hobbies; I like to draw/paint, I like shopping and I like watching movies. I'm excited for this class.
Hey everyone! I'm from here in town and I've lived here all my life. But I will be moving whenever I found out where I'm going after school. My brothers live in New York so I'm thinking I will follow in there foot steps sooner or later. My major is retail merchandising with a minor in business. I hope I don't have to change it because I seem to like it, so that's a plus.

Hey Everyone! I had an insane amount of trouble getting on this thing! Anyways, I'm Emily Lentz. I am in the 8 am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm majoring in Pharmacy and I live in Burgum Hall right here on campus. I have a lot of hobbies...everything from hanging out with friends to crocheting. I hope you all have a great week!
Sorry Blogger is frustrating some of you. It's the only online weblog place where I can create a collaborative blog. Xanga.com is a cool weblogging place as is Pitas. I think there's one called Diaryland too, but I couldn't find the correct URL. Many others pop up everyday.. I think I saw one called BlogHarbor too. For those of you wanting to try a personal one, I recommend Xanga because you don't need to know any HTML really.

Stay warm out there!

AHHH finally, this didn't work for me the first time. Well I am from Shakopee Minnesota,(VALLEYFAIR) I have 2 younger sisters, oen just got her license thats a little scary.. I am so pumped for the summer and SPRING BREAK, I am going to Ft. Myers with 4 other girls :)!!!! I am majoring in Nursing-neo natal nurse or pediatric??? And I also love TV!! :)
Hey everyone. I'm Teri Ell and I am from South Fargo. I can't think of anything interesting or exciting to say right now, being that it is 8 oclock in the morning....I will get back to you on that. I like to hang out with my friends, go bowling, play poker, play nintendo, and sleep.


Monday, January 19, 2004

Well hello everyone!
My name is Jamie Ihry. I am from here in Fargo, but definitely the South PART!! Woot woot!! I attended Fargo South High School. I have an older sister that attends NDSU and a younger brother who is a sophomore at Fargo South. I haven't decided on a major yet....but I think I'm leaning towards Business (Marketing/Advertising)...we'll have to see though...My favorite thing to do is (surprise, surprise)..go to the lakes in the summer!! I'm currently obsessed with Lord Of the Rings, David Gray, and Reality TV. Well, that's about it...I'm a little boring but it works :)
Hi everyone! My name is Cassandra Vanasse. I'm from a small town about 30 miles west of the Twin Cities, named Delano. I'm pretty sure none of you have heard of it, but if you have you should let me know. I'm majoring in Interior Design at the moment, here at lovely NDSU. I enjoy snowboarding, tennis, and being lazy. Well, that's the gist of me, I guess I'll talk to you guys all later

Friday, January 16, 2004

Hey everybody! I'm Nick. I come from a small town that you've probably never heard of called Clear Lake, MN, but I attended all schooling previous to NDSU at Becker, MN. I'm a pretty easy-going guy. I enjoy doing all sorts of things, and I don't really belong in any one group. I enjoy playing paintball, fishing, hunting, video games/computers, just your average guy I guess. See you guys in class!
Mornin y'all!! My name is Ryan Johnson, you can call me Ryan for short. I am majoring in MIS and Computer Science. So double major actually. I grew up in a small town of Otsego, North of the twin cities. I decided to go to college here because I had some good friends that went here and I actually love it here as well. Plus, alot of my family live within the area. I went to St Cloud State University for a semester and didn't like it so I dropped out and started working full time. I was in the process of being laid off, so I dropped everything and moved to Fargo. I live with 2 of the best friends you could ever have and look forward to a fun college career. Have a wonderful day all and I will see some of you Thursday night.
So glad to see some of you getting on here! Woo Hoo! In case you want to fancy up your entries, here's a quick lesson in HTML. To bold your words, simply place a "b" within these symbols <> before the words you want bolded in your entry, then place a "/b" in those symbols again after the words. To italicize, use an "i" in between instead.. a "u" for underlining words, and to make the words a color, place "font color=996633" (these numbers are codes for the color I am using right now- more can be found here) in between those weird symbols. If you want more help, ask.
*Don't use the quotation marks.. just the stuff inside 'em.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Hey everyone! My name is Kate Bjornson. I am from Brainerd, MN. I am currently majoring in Elementary Education. I really enjoy playing and watching soccer, and I love to be on the lake in the summer! I am on the NDSU Women's golf team, and I am having a great time! Hope to get to know some of you during the semester!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hello! My name is Brent Klava. I am from Fargo North Dakota, where I attended Fargo North High School. I enjoy playing hockey, snuggling, and taking long walks on the beach. I am a little bit sarcastic at times. In my life, I currently am trying to get into the architecture program here at NDSU, and am going to have a very difficult and crappy semester. I am learning to accept the fact that I have 8:00 o'clock classes everyday, but I love to sleep so it's going to be hard. See ya in class!!
Hey everyone -

My name's Charles McCormack, and I'm originally from Battle Lake, MN... yes, what a great place that is. I'm currently majoring in Business Admin, and minoring in History... but that is about to change, because I am planning on changing to an education major. I am a big movies and music person, and spend a lot of my time just relaxing and listening to music, or going out with friends.

Hope to get to know everyone, and to have a good time in class with you all. Take care, and best wishes.
My name is Becky Behnke. I am from the small town of Britton, South Dakota, and am the youngest of four girls. I keep myself busy by going to class, doing homework, working, and spending time with my friends. I really enjoy playing volleyball and softball during my spare time. I hope to get to know all of you better before the year is through!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hello to all! I am Bill Voltzke, and i hail from the greatest of all great lakes, Lake SUPERIOR! I am from Duluth Minnesota, born and raised. I attended Duluth East High School, for all who have heard of it and possibly dislike some of the sports teams. I enjoy hanging out with friends, and watching movies. Architecture is my major, something which i have been interested in since seventh grade or so. i'm a nice guy and love to talk, so don't be afraid to say hello!
Hey everyone! My name is Kristin McCabe. I'm from Grand Forks, ND. I have a younger brother Andrew who is a senior at Red River High School and my mom is a kindergarten teacher at Holy Family School. I am majoring in Human Performance and Fitness here at NDSU. I am looking forward to getting to know you guys!
Welcome to the CLASS BLOG everybody!
Here's a little bit more about me:
I grew up in Wahpeton (45 miles south of here)... big accomplishment back then: not doing any drugs and going to State (team) for Girls Tennis. I attended NDSU as an undergrad, got a BA in English Education, and then taught in Battle Lake, MN for two years before they kicked me out. I had always wanted to end up teaching college, so I came back up here to grad school. (Plus, my dad's mom said: "You can never have too much education." Go Grandma!!) So now, I have a cool 100 yr old house, financial aid up the waazoo, and brain drain from my thesis research. It's all good. I like: students that talk in class, professors that goof off as much as I do, and vintage shops where I can spend money I don't have.

What are some tidbits you all can tell us about yourselves?

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