Sunday, February 29, 2004

Kristin, I think that music effects our moods.
Hey everybody. With all this chat about we fest I thought it may be appropriate to mention that my dad may be hooking me up with a job there. Apparently they are looking for security guards, and being that my dad is a prison guard he has got the hook-ups. You guys may need to keep your eyes peeled and catch me there. We'll just have to see what happens. Anyway to answer Kristin's post I definitely think that your mood affects what music you pick and vice-versa. Seems to go in cycles for me sometimes. I like a lot of music, but a good rock song takes the cake. I will listen to just about anything with the exception of really girly bands. Bleah. So anyway there's my two cents.
Jonathon- In the dictionary, usually they give a few definitions especially with words that have many meanings or forms (nouns versus adjectives).. so put both and then we'll decide as a class which one is the one we want to use in the controversial dictionary.

--> here's my example that I may put into the dictionary with all of yours:
Flippin' or Flipping
1. [v.] to toss something in the air
2. [adj.] nicer slang form of the F-word
Ex: I was flippin' mad at her.
3. [v.] to show middle finger to someone
Ex: I was flippin' them off.

Anyone want to try to define "freaking or freakin' " ?

My paper is on the difference between country music and pop music. It was easy to find information on coutnry music and deffinitions on what it is. But I am having trouble finding a good way to deffine pop music. If anyone has any suggestions or good websites I could try that would be great. Also if anyone would like to give me there own idea of the difference between pop and country I might end up using it in my paper.
Another question I have is on this slang word that we have to deffine. When we find a word are we supposed to give a formal deffinition of it or are we supposed to give what we believe is the deffinition of the word?
Jonathan 3:15
hey everyone~
I do think music has an effect on moods also and i think that whatever mood youre in, you pick music that fits to it.
Class on tuesday morning should be fun....right now im think about words to define and there are so many its hard to decide. it should be interesting to see what everyone else thinks of.
I also think we fest is best festival in the world!!! I've gone for the past two years and this one should be even better!!! Im soooo excited!
Well see everyone in class!!!

Friday, February 27, 2004

Kristin- I believe that music has an effect on moods

Thursday, February 26, 2004

hey, i just have to say that i really liked class today, i wish all classes could be like that. i was reading some of the words from the slang dictionary, a lot of them i've never even heard of but they're pretty funny. I don't think i ever officially said what i was going to write my paper about. i'm writing about the effects music has on behavior or moods. i want to take a poll of the class and put it in my paper, so hopefully you all can help, i am wondering how many of you believe that music effects behavior. so if you can just write how you feel about that, that would be wonderful!
Hi everyone. I decided to do my paper on "The Man in Black" himself. Thats right, Johnny Cash. He was been controversial all his career. From his substance abuse, to his bold lyrics, and even to his general way of life. There is plenty of information out there, but I am also bringing a lot of personal knowledge, so that helps quite a bit.

P.S. WeFest is going to be phenomenal this year, one shant miss the festivities. We're going VIP
i am also having all kinds of trouble finding information... there is nothing about classic rock...i think i might just change my paper to something about a specific classic rocker or group. it will probably be ozzy.

hey jamie wefest is gonna be awesome this year...i would go to that.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Many of you are having difficulties, and I'd like to help.. but I don't know where to start. Please bring up your concerns (that aren't being answered on here) to class. If you can't find info- try a different approach. Try searching with different terms. Try going to the library. Try using their online materials. Try looking up a book, and then skimming it. Ask your friends. Ask your roommates. Ask me.

For Next week (8 am class- Tuesday, night class -Thursday), we'll be creating our own controversial or, rather, slang dictionary. Think of a term that isn't in the dictionary now.. and define it. Bring your word and definition to class next week. Here's a place to start for ideas.. don't copy what they have though- where's the fun in that? OR create a word that they don't have. The link is to an online slang dictionary. There are many out there. Try others if you can't find something.. or make up your own definition to a word that is used nowadays.

So I'm having major problems wiht my paper. I can't seem to find any information on "what is pop music". I've been able to find a definition but I can't find too much more. Ahh. If anyone has any suggestions please help me out. That would be great.

Another problem in my life, Should I go to WeFest or go to Dave Matthews in East Troy, Wisconsin??

The Bachelorette is on tonight, and you know me, Reality TV Queen, right here. I think I want Matt to win, but Ian is alright too. This Bachelorette wasn't the funnest to watch. Kinda boring. But tonight should be a good one. Woo hoo.

I'm out.

Monday, February 23, 2004

It would be great if all of you could come to Mr. NDSU, Wednesday, February 25th at 7:30 pm at the Festival Concert Hall. It's only $5.. and the proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. It's going to be great! There will be a lip sync contest with 22 guys. C'mon. Who wants to pass that up??

Also, my paper has changed topics... ohh... 3 times now? Now I'm doing "Sex and Music Videos".. but it seems broad for now. I might e-mail it to Sybil or post it on here for suggestions. Sex and Music Videos is a huge topic.. and as of now, I've discussed it as a whole, and now I'm picking and choosing videos to critique.

Hey all!! Aren't we having great weather?! I did decided that I was going to write my paper on Eminem, however I'm not sure where I should start. I know that I want to talk about his daughter's mom, Kim and how he is a good dad. I also want to talk about his lyrics and how several people don't agree and how wal-mart stopped selling his CD's. Maybe could also talk about his clothing line and the movie 8MILE. Well if anyone has any ideas I sure would love to hear them. Thanks Nicole
In reply to Cassandra's post.

I think that your topic would be really interesting. You could write about how Christian music artist's may think they are "selling out" but how they are really just spreading the message of God to thousands of more people??? You could also touch on the whole Amy Grant issue and how she "sold out". That was quite a controversy in the Christian music world itself. And lastly, you could write about how some Christian songs, you can't even tell they are talking about God. You could interpret them to be talking about any other person in general. Got what I mean? Hopefully this helped you out a little bit, and if not, at least I got another blog in!
Hello everyone. I know for sure that I am going to do my second paper on the music genre of country music. And I was going to do it on country songs that degrade women. However, I could not find very much information on that surprisingly, so I am thinking of doing it on sexuality in country music. I want to touch on how women showing their midriff is such a controversy and about Rascal Flatt's decision to show a bare butt in their video. I just need more ideas on what else to write about. I need six pages as you know, and I'm having a LITTLE bit of trouble coming up with something exciting or interesting to write about! Help??

Sunday, February 22, 2004

hey everyone! how is paper 2 going? not to bad for me. i can't decide if i want to write mine on all of classic rock or just a part of it....like a song or an artist..like ozzy osbourne, i think he is pretty controversial. if anyone has a great idea please tell me. thanks

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Sybil...I talked to you at the end of the 8 a.m. class on Thursday about my topic. You gave me suggestions on what I could include in my paper, "What is really considered 'good' music?" Well, I can't exactly remember all of what you said. Can you refresh my memory please? I should've written it down.

How is everyone's weekend going so far? I work every weekend, so that's kind of a bummer! But hey....it's money, right?

Friday, February 20, 2004

Hey everyone! Yeah, I think I found a topic that I can write about, but I would still love to hear your opinion on rather it is a good one or not. I am going to write about christian music going mainstream. Some christians believe they are "selling out", and some secular bands think that they don't belong. But I think that if fans like their music, and it's selling than what's the big deal? So, please let me know what you think. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

hi everyone-
Yeah it is really nice out....we are sitting here with our window open. I love it!!! A good temp for snowboarding, college night at andestongiht too but no guess who has class. Oh that is me....haha. Anyways....Beckey for your paper, it sounds like a good idea but it will be hard to write. My only suggestion would to go with alot of peoples opinions, like have them define "good" or "bad" music.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
Hey-It is really nice and I wish i Could be doing something rather than writing this and researching for our presentation tonight. Oh well I hope that the weather will stay and let it bring spring. I am doing my 2nd paper on Michael Jackson and I think that I will start by talking about his back ground then go into the issues at hand. If you guys have any ideas of what else i can talk about atht would be awesome

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Hey everyone...I need help with my paper. I wanted to write about what really is "good" and/or "bad" music. I can't really think of a lot to write about. Does anyone have ideas? I'll take any advice that you are willing to give! Please help me.
I've been waiting for weather like this since October.

I have a few ideas for a paper. . .
Bodies- Drowning Pool
Last Resort- Papa Roach

Ironic that the lead singer of Drowning Pool died shortly after the popularity of the song "Bodies"?

I fell of the face the blogging world for awhile, but I'm back for now.
Wow, don't you love this weather!!!
Hope it stays around for a while. My paper is coming along i guess. Outline has is looking good. Im doing it on how generas have changed from past decads and are becoming more universal. Hope it works for me. see you thursday

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hey everyone, I'm still trying to decide what to write on. I've been thinking about christian music or country music. Take artists like Rascall Flatts and their video for "I Melt" and how it's controversial because of the nudity in the video. Even though the video has the spots scrambled so you can't make them out. Or I thought about doing my paper on the Dixie Chicks and what they said when the war started. What do you think?
Another fabulous site to check out: The Free Dictionary/Encyclopedia.
I found a WHOLE bunch of information on the history and defintion of techno music. This is a great site to start from!

And while I do start many of my searches from Yahoo!, this one called BlowSearch.com is the one that got me to the link I posted above. Give 'em a whirl!

Hey everyone~
im still trying to decide what to write my paper about.....i have no idea because there is so much to choose from. i did check out some of those sites that sybil posted and they're pretty interesting. i liked the real world/road rules one because i looked back on all the houses from different seasons and i went to some of the individuals websites to learn more about them. it was pretty cool!!! well see you all in class!
Hey guys. I think I have my paper topic. Thanks to sybil. I don't know if any of you have heard of this but supposedly Ted Nugent is the father of rock 'n' roll, and I think I am going to attempt to write six pages on him. "Cat Scratch Fever" is the main song I am thinking of. I'm thinking maybe I can work with this one. Well its lunchtime. Good luck to everyone else.
Brent, my grandma wouldn't let my mom and her sisters watch Elvis because of those hips. I wonder what she thinks of the artists of TODAY? Sheesh. Shakira.. Christina... Ricki Martin...

Monday, February 16, 2004

Hey, I am still debating with myself over a topic for this paper, so when I was home I asked my mom if she had any thoughts. So, using her idea, I think that I might do my paper on Elvis, my mom really loves him and he was definately controversial in his day. I might do it on the way he dances or something like that, you know those "jirating hips". I have switched through about three or four things now, so I am going to try and stick to this one.
Well I think that I am going to research politics/music. Like the Dixie Chicks and kinda go that way and see who else I can find that expresses their point of view. I think when artists express their opinion on politics, no matter who is office is terribile. I think that artists should just keep to themselves when expressing their point of view. Well good luck everyoen else.. :)
Hey all. Just added some links over --> there. These are some cool sites/weblogs that you might want to check out and talk about on here whenever.
  • kyle's blog

  • blog of the day

  • andrew sullivan

  • rebecca blood

  • the "blogumentary" blog

  • littleyellowdifferent

  • for Real World/Road Rules "addicts"

  • Later!

    Sunday, February 15, 2004

    MTV.com: A good source for research. Within 5 minutes, I found plenty of interesting articles on there related to techno. Check it out.
    When I procrastinate, it's not always a bad thing. Usually, I procrastinate doing one thing (like tweaking my conference paper for this Friday) by doing another. So, maybe, that's not such a horrible thing. For instance, I've been reading my weblogs (this one, the BB, etc) and cleaning my office area up.

    See, since I know that I procrastinate, I know you all do too. That's why, to combat it, I'm asking you all to bring in an outline for Thursday's class. Then... for the Thursday after that (Feb. 26), the goal will be to have 2-3 pages of a rough draft. For the Thursday following (March 4), you'll add 2-3 more pages to that for Peer Review that day. The week after that is a conference week for us, and the paper will be due March 12.

    On the really, really bright side of life, tomorrow is a day off for you all (cool beans), AND I have heard that this week is suppose to be WARM. Upper 20s. I can't wait to be able to wear flip-flops.

    Thursday, February 12, 2004

    This is my initial post. My name is Dan Deutsch, I grew up in Fargo and have basically lived here all my life. I work at Merit Care hospital, and am at NDSU in the Pre-Nursing program. My hobbies mostly involve sports, whether it be playing them, watching them, or simulating them in the form of video games. I enjoy reading, but I hate writing. I am excited for this class, I think it is gonna be fun.

    I am going to do censorship on CD's. It drives me nuts when I buy a CD and I want the real thing, and I get something that I didn't want and I had to pay the same amount of money for it! Grrr! I also think that I'll be able to get a lot of information from that one! I think that all of your ideas sound great! Good luck researching!

    Wednesday, February 11, 2004

    I understand with the math tests at night (my brother has the same problem). Just make sure that you don't miss important things!! Like your student presentations.

    Michael Jackson and Christian Music. Good topics. With MJ, there will be a TON of information. Look on InfoTrac and also online at like all the major newspapers (washingtonpost.com, etc). And Christian music.. yea, just recently at my parents' church they started using background music that almost sounds like techno. I miss the days when some people would just play guitar or piano. The parts to those types of papers could be: Background/History, the new Changes and Why they came about, and then you could get into the two sides... pro the change in church music, etc.

    Hey I am thinking about writing my 2nd paper on Michael Jackson and his recent news. I dont know if there will be a lot of information, but I think that i am going to try and do it just beccause no one else has been talking about doing it. I think that i am going to brainstorm and see if this is still the best one that i come up with.
    Sarah- I thought about writing about Christian music too, but I was thinking along the lines of singing contemporary songs in the church and how some churches only sing hymns with very few instruments and stay traditional because they believe the contemporary style isn’t glorifying. I think Christian music can be very controversial. Another thought I had was to write about the Christian rock groups; some people feel that any type of rock is bad, even if the lyrics are Christian based. But I just thought I’d give you some more ideas to write about, I probably wont write about this so I really don’t care if you take these ideas. Good luck with your paper.
    My second paper topic is still up in the air. I know I want to do something with Christian music. I haven't quite decided what yet. I am thinking maybe something about how others view it, or what the lyrics is really saying, or maybe along the lines of defining what is "Christian music" and who sings it. I might do all of them, I don't know. Any help and other suggestions or ideas would be VERY HELPFUL at this point. Thanks.
    I finally got blogger to work. So here is my first entry, a little late. My Name is Sarah Prososki. I grew up in a small town called Delano, it is located about 30 miles west of the cities. I have one younger brother. My family loves the outdoors: snowmobiling, boating, hunting and fishing. We have three dogs (Sandy, Brooke and Bandit) and one cat (Rokki). Two of my favorite activities are snowboarding and wakeboarding, but you can never beat a good old football game on TV. That is me in a nut shell. Have a wonderful day!

    Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    Well I was going to write my paper # 2 on eminem but it looks like I'm late and should pick another topic. I would like to write about rap or hip hop. The music interests me and I know it would keep me attention. I have a question about Thursday nights class, I just found out on Monday that I have an exam at 6:30 on Thursday night. I guess in math class they make all students take there tests at night. But I was wondering if we could talk about the extra credit before I had to take off and if it was okay if I did leave early?
    YES, use as many songs as you need to get your point across.

    Becky and Jason, YES, do Eminem, just make the paper more than just a background of how bad he is. Not many people last spring wrote a paper about his lyrics, actually, just about HIM. So write 6 pages taking apart a few of his songs?

    Jessica, YES, Jewel is now pretty controversial. My sis's best friend has LOVED her forever and now she looks kind of Britney-like. What is up with that? Is it "selling out?" Is she just discovering herself like Christina needed to?? You could compare her to others.. and talk about the music industry.. the media too. LOTS of stuff there.

    Stacey, YES, those two would be fun to research. You could have categories like Singing ability, stage performance, lyrics, image, etc.

    Brennan, How about the crazy couples of music using Love and Cobain as your starting point.. or even going back to the first couple of controversy: Yoko and John? ACDC would be good too.

    Jamie, YES, go with that topic.. you seemed REALLY passionate about it!

    I know the LENGTH is freaking some of you out, but if you put your research into categories or parts or chunks (like background information, the start of the controversy, etc), it will seem a little more manageable. Here's an example of what I would do:

    A Paper About the History of Techno:
    Part One: Background/History- where did it come from? Is it the baby of disco?
    Part Two: Definition- what is techno? where did it's roots come from and what elements did it take from it's root genre?
    Part Three: The first techno-artists.
    Part Four: The controversies surrounding it- is it music? is using commercials to advertise it still selling out when they don't play techno on the radio? etc.
    Part Five: The current state of techno- is it leaking into the mainstream and why is or isn't it? list some controversial songs and review them, etc.

    Even if each part is only a page, I am SET. So break up your topic into parts and research those parts. Let's have some research and an outline of parts by Feb. 19th's class, okay? We can brainstorm more then too!!

    P.S. In class on Thursday, I am going to talk about some extra credit opportunities that will being happenin' on Feb. 20. Keep that afternoon open if you want to grab some extra credit points.

    Hey Sybil,

    As far as lyrics, can this paper be about more than one song? I have several songs about Korn that I would like to use. I honestly do not feel that I could do a 6 page report on one song, expecially if it is a song that has the same Chorus over and over again. And another thing, I want to do alot of it on Korn, and then go more into detail on Jonathan Davis, can I start with a broad idea of the Band and slowly go into one specific person, such as Jonathan Davis? Appreciate the input. See you all Thursday, and hope you like our debate on Reality TV. (I am going to win!)
    so a controversial topic, hmmm. there are many things to write about, but i don't know what to decide. I am either going to do something about Toby Keith and all of his songs, or else i feel that Eminem's "Stan" song may be a good one. Either one i feel bring plenty of controversy. And if sybil isn't a big fan of Eminem, won't that just make it more controversial?
    Hmmmm...what to do? I was planning on writing my paper about Eminem, but since Sybil doesn't really care for him too much, there has been a change of plans. I'm thinking about using her idea and write about what the definition of "good music" is. I usually hate the thought of having to write papers, but I'm actually kinda anxious to start writing! I do have a little problem getting enough length in papers, so if any of you have suggestions, I am open to all of them.

    Monday, February 09, 2004

    I was thinking that I would do my paper on why pop music is so unpopular. I mean if you really think of the definition of pop, a lot of people listen to pop music. It's something that really gets me going in an arguement. But, I dont know if i'd be able to write 6-9 pages on that topic! So who knows...I'm still a little indecisive about it. So if anyone has any ideas on how I could make my paper that long, gimme your thoughts!! :) Later...
    I have been having some trouble thinking of a topic for my paper. Some possible topics that I was thinking of are ACDC supposedly worshiping Satan, music sampling, and the controversy between the surviving members of Nirvana and Courtney Love. The trouble I am having is finding a topic that I will be able to write 6 pages about. I will just keep researching and see what I come up with. Everyone's ideas are looking pretty good and I'm thinking this will be a fun paper.
    ok for paper #2 i'm not sure what i'm doing yet. i was kind of thinking about britney vs. christina just because i like both of them but i think christina has a more talented voice than britney. but i honestly don't know yet.

    about the whole janet and justin situation i also didn't think her nipple was showing there at the end. that's kind of crazy; a lil to crazy for CBS anyhow.

    Jessica__ i believe JLo would be a very good topic with whatever you find on her.

    I was thinking that JLo is controversial because she likes to have her boyfriends in her music videos. (like BEN)
    Also Jewel and her new sexy image is controversial, did she sell out??? Quite questionable.
    hey everyone. i finally made it into blogger!!! as for paper # 2 i was think of doing something with classic rock or maybe something with old rap. i am just not sure yet. if anyone has any ideas let me know.
    Hey all.
    NOT that I want to freak people out, but I don't want lots of people doing Eminem. If I read too much of him, I might flip out.. PLUS, if lots of people write about him, I'll be able to compare research and see who is using facts, etc. Someone could write one thing and another person might detract that very fact... that wouldn't be good.

    Other ideas I have thought about (that can be stolen at will):
    -Just what IS the definition of "good music?" Here, you could survey people, interview too...
    -What band was the beginning of whatever genre? Did the Sex Pistols start punk?? Who were the first group of rappers?
    -Why is pop unpopular?
    -Do we actually get to hear the good artists on radio? Think of Y94 and the repetition! Ugh.
    -The Grammy's. Why did they pair up weird people together to sing stuff? Are the Grammy's fair?
    -Is Avril really a punk or a poser?
    -If music is all about pleasing our ears, why do we have videos?
    -Did videos kill the radio star? [and there are lyrics for that question TOO!]

    These are the wacky things I think of when I am stressed out, tired, and sick of reading thesis stuff.

    Brent- I think that Eminem is a great topic he has a lot of conflicting music. And he had had personal issues with the music industry that you could get a lot from it help your paper. I really don't have an idea in stone yet. I'm thinking about the Dixie Chicks but haven't completly decided. I listen to a lot of country music so it's something I have a lot of passion for. Well if anyone has any other ideas, let me know please.
    Hello guys. I don't really have a great topic for my paper #2 yet. I was kind of thinking about doing a paper on Eminem though, because I like his music, and I think that a lot of the stuff he says in his lyrics he just says to get a rise out of people and I don't think he actually means it. Other than that I don't have a lot of ideas yet. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

    Sunday, February 08, 2004

    Erin- you should do all of those ideas. You could have your paper be about country music in general and then have your three ideas be your three main points. It would be an easy way to get 6 pages out of it. I just thougth I'd say what I thought about that, but you've probably already thought about that too. So good luck with your paper.
    Bill- Zach De La Rocha and Tom Morello (well, pretty much the whole band i guess) were very politically driven during the Rage Against the Machine era... and it still continues on to this day. Morello actually has his own political agenda group with I believe members of System of a Down. de La Rocha's solo stuff, from what I've listened to so far, is very scathing against President Bush...

    Also, with Audioslave, one of the conditions of Chris Cornell joining the band, was that there would be no more politically driven lyrics or anything of the sort. He wanted to get back to the pure rock aspect of the band.

    Excellent topic, and excellent bands, btw.
    I couldn't help but notice someone mention Rage. I once heard that the band simply got tired of their extensively politically driven lyrics, and after Zach De La Rocha left the band, they said no more. The remnants, mainly Tom Morello, found someone very interesting in Chris Cornell formerly of Soundgarden. They formed a band, Audioslave, which is more emotionally driven than politically so. I think this would be a great topic for me to write on, and maybe some of you could possibley let me know what you know about the issue. Thanks a bunch!

    Saturday, February 07, 2004

    Hello everyone! For our next paper dealing with controversial music, I was thinking about doing it on country music. However I'm not quite sure which way to approach it. I could take the way of how country music, by many, is not considered 'cool', or how many of the male country songs out there are thought to be offensive to women, or how many videos are starting to look like pop videos. I really want it to be interesting though! Whichever way I go, I am going to have to come up with a lot to talk about, so if you have any ideas for me, that would be awesome!

    Ryan - as you know, Jonathan did the vocals and was co-composer of the original score for the movie itself, but when the official soundtrack was released, they had to have other artists come in and provide the vocals (Manson, Draiman, Bennington, Static, etc) because, and i quote, "because of Jonathan Davis' contract which states his voice is not allowed to appear on any cd that isn't an Epic Records album"

    Korn was also releasing Untouchables at around the time the movie was coming out, and Epic Records didn't want to draw sales away from that too. This recently happened with that damn Santana and Chad Kroeger song, and P.O.D. as well; they're not allowed to sing Sleeping Awake live, because it's licensed only to Warner Bros for the Matrix soundtrack...

    Friday, February 06, 2004

    Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Jonathan do the lyrics for it, but do to a binding contract with Korn, he couldn't sing it because it wasn't the whole band. But instead, David Draiman of Disturbed sang it instead? I could be wrong, but I thought I heard something about that. The "did my time" song they did for Tomb Raider they did as a band, in fact, it is on there new album, so I know there was no restrictions for that song. I would hate to add that in my paper and be wrong about that, thanx for your input.

    Ryan - i'm a pretty big KoRn fan, if you need any help or anything... and I actually did have Jon's vocals for the Queen of the Damned songs... but i kinda think I lost them...
    Hey everyone ~
    I was thinking about the paper and i just dont know exactly what to write about.... i remembered talking about jessica simpson in class, and that sounds interesting to me because i watch the newlyweds every wednesday night hehe!!! otherwise i will just have to look through my music to find something to write about.

    Kristin, i think that downloading music is a very controversial topic that i forgot about, and it could make a good topic but i dont know what im going to do yet. We'll see..... well everyone have a good weekend and ill see ya in class on tuesday!
    Hey all,

    I am most likely doing my paper on Korn and probably alot about Jonathan Davis. He is the lead singer of the band and he has done several songs for other things. One example is A Queen of the Damned soundtrack. He composed all the music for the soundtrack, but something in his contract stated that he could not sing or preform any of the music. I guess that would be controversial because he should be able to sing and preform the music that he composes, even if it is outside of the band. The other thing about this is the bands bass guitarist put out his side project album without having to deal with the contract issue. Just some ideas that I came up with, if anybody else is a korn nut, the info would be greatly appreciated. I also thought about doing something on Rage against the machine and how they broke. I think I am going to have alot of fun with this paper. I have been wanting to do something on Korn for quite sometime. You all have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Thursday night!!!
    So I’ve been thinking about what to write my paper about and I have a few ideas. My number one choice would be to write about the effects music has on peoples’ behavior or if it even has any affect on it. Another thing I thought of, but I probably wont write about, was downloading music off the internet. If anyone else is writing about music and peoples’ behaviors or music and the internet, let me know, but I guess it doesn’t matter if some of us do the same thing, so never mind about that. Have a nice weekend.
    I've been thinking about what I want to write my second paper on. I haven't come up with much, but I can only think of how certain songs supposedly cause violence in today's world. Maybe Eminem could be a good example. There's probably a bunch of articles about him. If anyone has ANY ideas on what I could include in my paper, feel free to share them with me. I like getting lots of suggestions.

    Thursday, February 05, 2004

    I don't think I have ever had a class blog talk so much of boobs. Interesting stuff... and I am kind of happy that this happened because it gives us something to talk about for our upcoming paper that deals with controversy and music. Janet and Justin must have known that.. thanks for making some controversy for us.

    Keep up with the lists of topics.. brainstorm yourselves big time for this paper because I want you to do it on something that you will LOVE to write about. In fact, in 8am class we had a few people getting riled up over people's impression of pop music or the Dixie Chicks. I say that if something makes you pissed (like when people tell me that techno isn't music), you SHOULD write your paper on it. PASSION = Lots to say = Good paper. Other things I hear that tork me off:

    "Rappers only swear and write about ugly subjects."
    "Eminem is a bad person because of what he raps."
    "Britney is better than Christina." (Um, who sings LIVE?)

    Okay, I'm stumped. I have like 300 cd's and 100 cassettes and I cannot figure out what to bring to class tonight. Too many options! UGH! What if I just brought in my Prince collection? Or Madonna? Would that cover controversy or what? Choices, choices, choices. Hope everyone else is having an easier time of making a decision than I am on this! That's really weird for me because I am normally a VERY decisive person!
    Sorry Emily, didn't mean to affend you. i had not seen an up-close and personal pictures of Janet but i thank you for telling me that you could indeed see her nipple. I was told that there was something covering her.
    Hey everybody. I'm thinking of getting started on my research for paper #2. I'm still having a hard time deciding what to do my paper on though. I was thinking about music censorship because I know there is a lot of controversy with this subject and therefore probably a lot of resources. Something that interests me more, and was mentioned by somebody in the 8 am class, was how Jessica Simpson was rejected from doing christian music because of her body image. I'm going to try to find information on that, so if anybody has any tips, let me know. Another controversy that would be interesting to write about is the whole Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake thing. I personally think it was a bad decision on their part...I don't think it was appropriate for a family show. Somebody mentioned on here that it is ok for television to show breasts, just not the nipple. Well, there is an email going around that shows what Janet was wearing and you can see her nipple.

    Wednesday, February 04, 2004

    Pshhhh boobs.

    Every second person in this world has a pair. What's so fascinating about them?

    Ok, so I kind of stole that line from Notting Hill.. but its true.

    I'm a little worried for the student debate/presentation- only because I have no idea what my group is going to do..

    It's also very early and I don't have to be up until 10 am. Something must be wrong.

    Tuesday, February 03, 2004

    I think that this whole Janet thing is really silly. They didn't say anything when lil kim attended an award show with just her nipple covered and from what the papers are saying, janet did have something covering her nipple. a producer of MTV Real World said once that you can show a breat on TV just not the nipple so i don't see what all the big fuss is about.
    Hey, how’s everyone’s day going? Does anyone watch the show Good Day Live? Well, today they talked about the song “Stacey’s Mom” and they were saying how it was controversial because it’s about a young boy who’s attracted to his friend’s mom. But I guess there are a lot of songs out there that could be considered to have questionable lyrics, and you’re always going to have someone disapproving. The show also talked about the Janet Jackson thing. They were debating about whether the station should be charged, I think it was $27,000, for showing that on the air. What do you think? I was just talking to my friend and her exact words were “what were they thinking having Janet Jackson, Nelly, Kid Rock and Justin Timberlake singing for a family show?” But that’s just her point of view. I’d like to hear what some of you have to say. Have a nice day.
    Hey guys. I was just flipping through the channels today and came across a country song on CMT that could be deemed controversial. The artist was Trace Adkins and the song was "Hot Mama." It had something to do with turning the room into a sauna. Hmmmm....... Perhaps I will have to try to bring it in for class on Thursday night. So how about this weather? I thought maybe we were over it since the last couple of days seemed like a heat wave, but this morning I decided no such luck. At least I am not having the trouble the rest of you seem to be having starting your cars. Mine's rusty but trusty to be sure.
    Sooo...how about halftime at the SuperBowl?!?! Janet's and Justin's "mishap"..shall we call it? First they were saying it was an accident, which I really don't know how you COULD say that because clearly, if you were watching, you could tell it was NO accident whatsoever.

    But I guess yesterday Janet came out and apologized for what happened and fessed up to it. And now the stations are pissed.

    I really don't think it's THAT big of a deal...I mean people are gonna see what they're gonna see. Shit happens. That's my motto. You're kid is gonna be grown up someday, and seeing stuff like that, so get over it.

    But kiddos, that's all I got. :)

    Here's some controversial things I thought of in music...

    I'm not sure what kind of music everyone likes, so i'll try to cover a few genres, but here goes...

    Sticking to the "break down a song" idea:
    -Any Marilyn Manson song. He originally was portrayed as the antichrist by many, so check out some of this earlier songs...
    -Garth Brooks - The Thunder Rolls -> about adultery, and even the video goes into murder/spousal abuse
    -blink 182 - Stay Together for the Kids, which dives into divorce while having kids...
    -Silverchair - Ana's Song - talks about anorexia and problems from it
    -Staind - For You - describes lacking family values (dysfunctional families), and lack of "connectedness"
    -Sum 41 - Hell Song - is about a friend contracting HIV or AIDS, can't remember which
    -Third Eye Blind - Jumper - about suicide

    Even Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax, because of the whole double entendre thing...

    Overall controversies in music?
    -Recent: the janet jackson halftime sh*t -> How anyone will do anything to cause publicity, good or bad.
    -Also, the whole Michael Jackson situation.
    -I don't know if anyone else has heard of this, but the whole "hidden messages" thing in some records, that have even been brought to courts in some cases.
    -Eminem. Marilyn Manson. Enough said.
    -Using music to further a political agenda, or national pride (Moby, Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks, etc).
    -Rap music: using derogatory/racial terms in lyrics
    Etc, etc...

    If anyone needs any help, I'd be happy to help as much as I can.
    Hi Everyone. I almost forgot about this whole weblogging thing. I've just spent the last 15 minutes catching up on everybody's blogs. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody has any ideas for the music controversy paper. I can't think of anything. I was hoping that I would get some ideas after reading the two articles that Sybil posted on her xanga site...didn't work. Well, I think I am going to start researching for our group presentation. My group is doing obesity with kids....I think it should be pretty interesting.

    Monday, February 02, 2004

    hey everyone! does anyone know exactly what we are supposed to read for tomorrow? the syllabus didn't make much sense to me. i'm glad they got the parking lots cleaned now. i didn't think it was that big of hassle after all, since i just went shopping during that period of time. the weather seemed to be warming up a lil today. that was kind of nice. i have so much homework for this week i better go get started. later!

    Sunday, February 01, 2004

    Did anyone see the commercial with the "most controversial movie ever: the movie Mel Gibson directed about Christ? Hmmmm controversy. Lovely

    I really could care less about football. Sorry people. Just not a football person.

    I hate the fact that its so cold here. I've been here almost my whole life. Why didn't I choose to go live somewhere WARM?? I s'pose I just forget about it when spring/summer arrive.

    There has definitely been some controversy lately... blind dates making out with your friends, working all the time and not even needing the job nor the money, people in the dorms, struggling with weather, depression and trivial jokes life likes to throw at you.

    Hey, controversial music- the Milkshake song! but I don't have it on CD or anything.
    GO PANTHERS, yeah, i think the panthers should win. Because there are no studs, just a bunch of team players. Plus they are the underdogs. But the pats are a great team and deserve to win as well. So its going to be a great game. And im going to eat a lot!
    see ya in class on thursday

    Does anyone know a whole lot about the teams playing in the game today? Who should I cheer for to win? I've never really followed along with the Playoffs this year, so I can't decide. Which team is better? Which team deserves to win it this year? What do you guys think? Help me out. I'm curious to see what you guys think.
    Thanks Charles for helping out!
    And those conferences aren't really "worth" points, BUT if you don't attend/sign up for them, your possible points start out at 40 instead of 50 for the drafts. However, because of the weather and my illness on Thursday, I'm not going to worry about that. Some people had car problems, etc... Hopefully, when we have conferences again (in March) everything will run much smoother.

    Thank you all for coming to the conferences and understanding that I couldn't make it on Thursday. I'm feeling better as I get fluids in me and take DayQuil, etc. I am hoping to look through all the papers this week and get them back to you next week if not sooner. I should take me too long. *cross fingers*

    [Go PANTHERS!]

    P.S. I'll email this too, but I need students to bring controversial CDs/songs to class this week. I'll take care of Tuesday (for the 8am class) but I'd like students to bring in some on Thursday (both class times). Look through your CDs and find controversial ones....

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