Saturday, May 08, 2004

hey i believe this is my tenth post so, it has been a great semester of class and i had alot of fun in the thurs night class. so have a great summer and good luck in the future. see ya
hey, hows it going?? I just looked at the clock and its getting kind of late. i hope everyone has a great night and ttyl.
I decided to spend my last weekend up here with my friends. Im glad I came to Ndsu it been a great year.

I decided to stay for my last weekend and I'm glad that i got to spend it with my friends It been a good year

hey, so what was your favorite question on the test. i was just wondering because i thought it was a good useful test and i actually felt good taking it ttyl
hey whats up everyone. all of the utopia projects were good. i actually learned something in listening to them. i learned that everyone has a different utopia and no one is alike. so good job everyone with the projects ttyl

hey hows it going everyone?? its going good for me right now. i kinda thought the last friends episode was kind of boring. to me it was too predictable so it wasnt very entertaining. what did you expect racheal and ross not to get together. sorry if it offends anyone ttyl.
If anyone is still reading these blogs, I have a couple of comments.

first of all -- FRIENDS was good. I was a bit surprised that Ross and Rachel stayed in NY. I just assumed he would go with her to Paris even though he just got tenure at the university. The fact they got together wasn't a surprise though. I loved Duck, Jr. and Chick, Jr. That was awesome!

David D - David, your last comment was very insiteful, I think. Oposition in all things is necessary. In order for us to appreciate the good, we need to know what is bad. I do disagree that a utopian society cannot truly exist. I think it can. I don't think that it can always be sustained though. It depends on the desires of the people in the utopia. I think education (and not just book learning) is a HUGE part of it. Communication and personal responsibility are other important factors. Anyway, I think you had some good points with your utopia, I think that it would have been better received if we hadn't felt like you hadn't put much effort into the project. The things that you've discussed in these blogs would have been great info to have during your presentation. Starting everyone out from scratch and letting each person work his/her own way up the ladder isn't that bad of an idea. It just felt like it was unoriginal - or at least, that's the way I saw it. Take it for what it's worth -- exactly nothing! I have a saying that I like to use about opinions. Opinions are like buttholes: Everyone has one and they all stink! Except, of course, mine!

Anyway, thank goodness finals are almost here and over! Wahoo!

Thanks again Sybil for a wonderful class.
And there's even more. You're idea of a perfect society where everyone is happy is contradictory to iteself. Why do we get excited when something good happens. Or even indeed what makes somthing good special? It's because of the bad in the world also. If everything were good, it would no longer be enjoyable because we would not know the bad that goes along with it, it would be incredibly backwards to make a society where everything would be "sub-par" because there would be nothing bad to make the good seem good.
I could have nit pick at other's utopia's also. For the one with the biodomes, That doesn't seem like much of a paradise if you have to work. Or even after you're retired that you would grow bored. That doesn't sound all too perfect either. No utopia can exsist for a multitude of people. In fact there could only be a utopia for one person, and even that could not be fulfilled because of the very boundaries of human nature. Some lust for power, however, that lust can never be subdued. Therefore I think it's impractical to try and make a "fix-all" society.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Also, I didn't solve all my problems by changing human nature, or inventing somthing to control the population. No, indeed I put a little more deep thought into it then that. Had I wanted to I could merely say, "You're all turned into pure energy." You can't die, you can't become sick, and you can do whatever you want. Well that would meet the usual requirements that you all seem to prize.
In addition, for my utopia the only thing that I believe to be necessary is for each person to be given an equal chance as everyone else. Each person control his destiny. How can you really ask for more than that? I know that there are people that want a super-large government to take care of their every needs. I, however, could not live in a society where I could claim accomplishment to nothing. So in my opinion I could easily justify that being paradise because the people that try will get what they deserve. That's justice, That's Paradise.
I still pertain that Rome would not have fallen had it not been for the size of the empire. If you have noticed dictatorships had always been very powerful while they stay within thier limits. Rome was the most powerful empire this world has known. Also if you look back to the 20th centuary, Hitler's Germany almost took over all of Europe. If they had not involved the US in the war they would have. Also the U.S.S.R. was a dictatorship, yet it was still able to compete with the US for power. The only reason it fell was because the lack of motivation of the base population. All in all you can say dictatorships cause great strength within a society.
well the year is finnally over for someof us and the only thing left to do is to take our finnalls. im so glad. o well i thought i would try to finish my blog thing because i think there the most worthless things in the world and i have no clue if i have ten or not.
peace out
hey whats going on everyone? It looks cool outside with the leaves coming on the trees and everything. Ive been waiting for leaves for a long time. I've also been waiting for a huge thunderstorm and that hasnt happened yet but i hope it happes soon. ttyl

hey whats going on. that was an awesome final test for the class. im pretty sure everyone had fun doing that test. it was the first test i actually had fun doing. i think all the tests should be like that one, that way people would actually look foward to tests. My favorite question was the fill in the blank one "I'm Rick James ______"
hey everyone. i finally got back on the internet! i had that stupid virus. what a mess. it took me all of this past week to get it all figured out. did anyone else think that final was REALLY HARD!!! i don;t think i passed. hey good job everyone on the utopia project they were all good i thought. well have a good weekend!
Hey, it's me again!
I just wanted to tell everyone to have a wonderful summer! And thanks to Sybil, that was probably my most fun english class ever. Thanks everyone for making it a blast.
Yeah, I finally turned in my last project this morning! Thank God! I'm finally done! Well, except for finals next week. But at least I get to sleep in for most of the days. I'm tellin you, never again am I going to take 8 o'clock classes!

Hey everyone!!
First of all, good job with your presentations everyone! It sounded like everyone had a rather fun time creating their own "paradise". I'm glad most everyone took the chance to go all out and be creative with this project. And, thanks for getting them done with so early, so we could all get back to watch the series finale of Friends.

The fall of the roman empire wasn't only do to the increased size of population, Its politics became corrupt and the power position that any Caesar had became extinct. Sure, it grew to big to handle, but you also need a smooth running government in order to run a growing population. I don't see how you could possibly make it a utopia, killing people is not exactly my idea of a perdect place. It was supposed to be a fun and creative project, imaginary if you must and I don't see how you found it so difficult to put a little effort into it. Rome still exists today and I think everyone found it quite odd that you would do something on a place that already exists. Dictatorships only work if you run it correctly, Rome did not.
Yeah!!!! Its the last day of classes... its so weird that my first year of college is already over... hehe!!!....i was really sad that friends is over too but i like the ending. well so all that i have left is finals and packing which is a job in itself... i have soooo much stuff but i also am excited cause tomorrow im signing a lease on a house for next year!!!! it should be fun!! well i suppose i should get something done so have a good summer everyone and sybil thanks for a great year too!!! See ya all later!!!
Hey everyone its the last day of classes, school is almost out. I can't wait to get the summer started. Finals won't be fun especially if you have one on the last day of finals week at 7:30 am. Luckly that final won't be that tough. Still having a final that early is just unfair if you ask me. Im usually still sleeping at 7:30 am during the semester and they expect me to take a final. I dislike it and they should change that time to 8:30 maybe. Well good luck to everyone with their finals. Hope everyone has a wonderful summer.
You know, my utopia yesterday met with a lot of controversy, I don't think it was given the fair chance. I believe it was merely too abstract for people to grasp it. Of course, I don't believe in a utopian society, one can never exsist because of human nature. I think that the closest we can come to a utopia is where everyone starts out equal and is either made or broken by their own choices. To accomplish that I chose the past to set my utopia, Rome to be exact. Partly becuase it was the empire that fell only becuase of it's immense size. Also I disolved all family ties so that one would start out on the bottom and work their way up by their own merit. I think this would be as close as one could achieve. However, one may suggest that this is not a utopia because of the loss of family, but it wouldn't be important if that's the way you grew up. I still pertain that that is rather close to a perfcet way of doing things...
It's Friday! Yahoo for the weekend. Working and studying isn't very much fun, though... What did you guys think of Friends last night? I thought it was a really good fianle episode, but it made me sad :*(. I have a psych test today and then my classes are done for the year, except finals. Two finals Monday, two finals Tuesday. It should be a good time. I hope everyone has a good summer break!
Is it just me or is the news really depressing. I hate watching it cause it pretty much all bad. It makes day turn from good to so, so in a matter of mins. Its seem like the only thing good is the weather and thats not dependable.
I figured out that I'm defently taking home my frig. cause i think i would go crazy with out a television for a week. Plus my frig. was always empty anyway so I'll say goodbye to it. But i think it's awsome that i'll have a frig. in my room at home.
Again I'm up until 3 in the morning, I don't think im ever going to get any sleep. What really suck is that I have a 4 hour drive. I think that has to be the most boring drive in the world.
My hardest final is going to be at 12:00 I'm not looking forward to it at all. But to look on the bright side when I finish things should be smoth sailing from there.
So I'm printing my homework and my printer breaks, so i walked to our center and thier printers were down. So I walk to the ITS center and tripped and fell on the way. How come when things go bad they stay bad.
I have a problem I'm broke and I have no idea what I'm going to give my mom for mother's day. I'm open to suggestion
Only one day left of classes...This year has gone by soo fast. I can't believe I have one year of college under my belt. This is the best class i have ever taken. It was nice to have a fun and interesting class for a change. I have four finals next week and am having a hard time figuring out when i will study for all of them. Good luck to everyone on finals!
I just have to say that today's final was the HARDEST thing ever -- NOT! I just love Sybil's class! I wish I could have taken her for Comp 110, too! Oh well. At least I got to have this class.

Okay, I have one comment to make for the final test. I couldn't think of anything to say to improve the class instruction. I really like the way she taught. She treated us like adults and let us do our thing. I really appreciated that.

I'll miss our class. Everyone was fun!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I am really glad to be done with class, i had a busy week and i wish more teachers would follow the dead week thing. I cant believe that we only have a week of school left. i am so excited for summer. I am kinda of having problems with my parents though. i want to stay in fargo but they think it will be too expensive. arent you supposed to be broke in college....well you're at least not supposed to be rich thats for sure!? it sucks
SO.... What did everyone think about the last friends episode?? It was pretty exciting!
hey-its good to be done with class even though i was late it is still good to be done. I wish that every final was as good as the one that I took tonight. Why cant you talk to our calc and econ teacher Sybil. I dont understand why they make finals hard. Who thought of that. Well I hope the best for everyone and thansk for the good year sybil.
All right, it is me again! I just wanted to remind everyone that the Friends Finale is on in 23 minutes! I thought this semester in English was a lot more enjoyable than my last semesters. Before entering college I thought that writing a two page paper was the death of me! But if I can write 6 pages on defining one word, then I think I can write just about anything. Good job on the Utopia presentations today to all who went. The discusion was good and you all know a lot about what it takes to make a nation work.
Sometimes I think that certain rules and regulations are extremely silly. My fiance and I have been diligently apartment hunting for the last two weeks. Our requirements aren't too extreme: 2 bedrooms, washer/dryer hookups, cats allowed. That's it. The cats allowed part has really been ridiculous. Cats are completely forbidden in many of the apartments around Fargo. If they are allowed, some landlords charge INSANE non-refundable deposits - some even tack on $20 to rent every month just for having a cat. This is stupid. Really stupid. My cat sits on our couch and licks his paws for approximately 6 hours a day. The remaining 18 hours are spent sleeping on our bed. Yes, he's quite the destroying machine. We did finally find a beautiful place. It's called Eagle Run - a bit out of the way, but brand new. The building is actually being finished right now. I'm so extremely excited. I still think the cat rules are dumb, though.
Well I'm ready for class. Instead of a paper, I made up pamphlet about my utopia. I sure hope I can do that. On that pink sheet we got at the begining of the semester it said we could use a different format. She gave the example of a borchure. So I figure that has to be pretty close. Well I'm off to class... Cheers
The weather has been getting lovelier every day. As a result, I can't help thinking about the trip I took to Mexico in February. My fiance and I traveled to Ixtapa for the marriage of my new mother-in-law. The weather was perfect, the beaches were perfect, and the service at our hotel was remarkable. One thing truly got me down, though. I noticed that many of the employees arrived early in the morning to serve breakfast and stayed late to serve in the bar area. We were there for seven days and I saw these same employees every single day. I know that working in that hotel allows them to lead a better life than most. The residential areas beside the resort were truly sad. It was hard to be depressed in such a beautiful place, but it did weigh on my spirits. It reminded me of how strange life is. I am so glad I was not born in a poverty stricken country. That sounds corny, but it is truly the way I feel. I have to work hard, but I still feel very fortunate to live in a nice apartment and not have to scrape for money all the time.
so the test this morning was wonderful. i actually enjoyed taking that test. this semester went by crazy fast. i'm working on a ranch this summer in tennessee and i leave right after my last final on thursday. i'm kind of scared, but it should be fun. i really enjoyed reading some of those utopia ideas, i agree with whoever said that a utopia can't exist because everyone is different and everyone's idea of a perfect world is different. i hope everyone has a great summer. enjoy it.

I have to say that i will probably be crying during friends tonight so you wont be the only one sarah! we just finished the last sentence of our paper, it feels good to be done. This project was kind of fun i have to say. Better than what i have heard other people talking of what they had to do. We lucked out!
Well, the week is almost over and I am excited but not! If anybody knows of any summer jobs open in Minot, North Dakota...hook me up! I've been working on putting together our group's Utopia paper. My part was actually quite fun and easy to write when I got started. It made me realize that there is a lot of things that contribute to a society and that we are very complex. It also makes me want to never be in a position that is responsible for making rules or regulations of a city/state/nation! It is the second time that I have done a Utopia project, and it wasn't any easier to come up with a society that works well together and everything makes sense. So I'm glad that everything is over and done with! (Except for a few blogs that I have left to do!!)
Well it's time, the Friends finale is tonight. There is no doubt in my mind that I will cry like a little girl. I cried last week...I'm such a loser. It would be splendid to get out of English early tonite, but who knows how long the rest of the utopia's will take. I can always tape it I suppose.
I'm not too worried about finals this semester. They should all be pretty easy. I hope they are anyway. I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of classes. YIPEE! I will miss Sybil and English though, it was the best part of my week. =)
See you all tonight!
Well it's gettin down to the wire!! I have finals on monday and wensday then I am out of here. Me and the guys I'm going to be living with went and signed the lease for our house yesterday and I am really excited to be staying there next semester. This summer I am not looking forward to working but It will be a nice break from book work. But this will be my last blog so I hope you all have a good summer and do well in your finals.

Its done! our project is done. and i only have one test left for the year. This year was great. Have a good summer. and stay safe.
The week is actually almost over! The Friends finale tonight---I am going to cry, I know it. My group presented our Uptopia today. It was alright, but no one asked us any questions! Sybil's final was awesome and it was nice to get out early. Well...I am off to class. Have a good day!
hey-Finally got rid of my loft. Its out of my dorm and we are back into bunk beds. Its not the nicest but it really saves a lot of room in our dorm. I didnt seem why we didnt do this all a long. It would have been so much better. I really want to go home for the summer. I already went water skiing with my friend kyle on Lake Floyd in DL. The water was 55 degrees but we manage somehow and it was a lot of fun. The water didnt feel 55. All I want to say is that I cant wait to be done. Brian

It's really nice to be done with class! I have three finals next week, but it won't be as bad as first semester! I'm trying to get all of my stuff packed up to bring home this weekend and I don't think that I have enough room in the car for it! I can't believe how much we can actually fit into these dorm rooms! I hope that it's nice this weekend..... I need some sun! Have a great weekend everyone and good luck with your finals!
Well we just did our powerpoint of our Utopia in class today, and I think it went pretty well! English class is over, and it was a blast!! well not really, but we will pretend! Cause im really excited right now, and i feel like using exclamation marks!! I'm so excited to be done with school, and I only have two tests to take!! whooo weeee!!!!!!!!! I am also excited to watch the t wolves play..im not sure if they play tonight or tomorrow, but they better win!!! Later peoples, it was fun blogging with you!!!!!!!! :) :)
So my group is the last group to present our utopia today. It's a powerpoint...but we couldn't reserve the projector!! So that kinda sucks, cuz everyone is going to have to huddle around the little laptop. Oh well. But it would've been really pimp if we would've been able to get the projector.

I feel like a lot of utopias were serious, when my group kinda just went and joked with it. Our utopia's founder is 50 Cent...and he named it Ghetto Fab Blingville (GFB for short). When you come to our island you're "layed" with bling (kinda like in Hawaii..ahhahah) 50 Cent is on the 50 dollar bill y'all. Our language is the standard English with some GFB language rules like "err vs urr" You don't say "it's hot in here" you say..."it's hot in hurr" You know...Hmm...I can't think of anything else, but we were joking with the whole thing. It was fun.
One of my teachers are making use turn in around 19 assiments on friday, one of which is a widdle piece of wood. i personally would rather widdle a hammer and bash myself in the head with it.
Im not sure if im going to be able to bring all my stuff home in two trips. which would really suck. Plus i have to decide which stuff is geting sacrifice this trip. Its a toss up between the TV. and the Refrigerator.

My roomate won't go to bed at a decent time. Yesterday he decides he wants to watch the last samueri and after that around 3 in the morning he decides to do his homework until about 5 in the morning

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


What a week. I'm so exhausted. I'm ready for school to be over with . Unfortunately... I'm still taking classes in the summer.

Hey, heres a quick lesson in Mexican history: As you all know, its Cinco de Mayo. So.. I'm sure you're going, "Great! Another time to party! WOO!" Well, it originated when Mexico was fighting against France. MX had very few people and crappy weapons.. whereas France had a huge army and was well-equipped. The outcome (go figure!) was Mexico conquering France, which is why it is such a big deal.

So... you learned something new.. and if you didnt.. then... you're special.

I was watching MTVs Made tonite and I honestly felt horrible for the girl that was on there. She was a nice looking girl- not ugly or anything- and she was constantly teased at school and boys were calling her a troll. I wanted to cry for her! So.. if you have ever heard of "Made" (which I'm sure you all have, but if you haven't, I'll fill you in quick) A person has written to MTV with the desire to be madeover, to be a better person, dancer, singer, whatever. They just want to be better and they want help. So this girl, Rachel, who is a sophomore in high school gets chosen and MTV has Princess Superstar (I've never heard of her) help coach Rachel to find her inner beauty and get a date to this semi-formal. I was thinking... "Why are we interested in others' pain?" I honestly felt horrible for this girl, but I knew that there would be some sort of 'happy ending'. I could make a TV show out of my life and get great ratings. I'm sure everyone could. Ok, I forgot where I was going with this whole point.. but..

Tomorrow is the Friends' finale.. and we have class :(...

Let's get out early!

When I think about my own utopia, I don't really think of perfection, though I know utopia implies perfection. I would be deliriously happy in a world filled with humility and patience. In my group's utopia presentation, I stressed the importance of reasoning, tolerance, and understanding. I suppose I am simply tired of people losing their cool. I worked at the US Bank service center for 10 months and had hundreds of people scream at me because they handle their finances irresponsibly. Clearly, that is not my fault. When I bought my new car about 7 months ago, I had never driven a clutch before. I killed my car on a few occasions, but never held up traffic by more than 5 seconds. Nevertheless, people still felt the need to honk, give me dirty looks and....of course.....the finger. There was no reason for such behavior. Everyone has to learn new things. I'm proud of myself for buying a car I didn't know how to drive! At any rate, society needs to understand that our population is only going to grow and life is going to get trickier. We need to be patient. I can't stress that enough. My utopia would also be filled with people who are extremely open and honest. I hate implied meanings. Just say what you think. Also, my parents got divorced about a year ago. They never had anything in common and truly didn't make any sense together. I honestly don't know why they ever got married. I can think of a million reasons why I am marrying Mike on June 4th. I feel confident about us. So, to make a long blog short, my utopia would feature:
*patient and understanding citizens always willing to help each other out
*a better understanding of marriage and the aspects of a healthy relationship
*honesty and straight-forward nature
*equality among all citizens and the opportunities for all to be successful
*less emphasis on the way people look and more on the way they treat others
*appreciation for the things which are not understood
*acceptance of all ideas and ways of life
That is my idea of a great place.
My roommate and I just started cleaning out our room too. We took our lofts down and put the parts under our beds. The room is so different now. But it gave us a chance to clean up a little too. It's weird to put the beds back into the bunkbed and have our desks over on the other wall. Our room has been the same since we moved in back in August and now we have to change it. Oh well. Off to keep cleaning and finishing projects. Bye!
You know what i don't get? Why teachers assign more projects two days before they're due, and on the last week of classes! As if students don't have enough to do already this week. But not only add a project, but we already have two other major projects due tomorrow along with it. I'm going to be glad when tomorrow is over. I don't have class on friday and it's going to be nice. Well, i'm off to finish this project. Take it easy everyone!
hey-I like moving into the dorms a lot better because now you have to clean all of the mess that you have made through out the year. To take your lofts down a week before you leave this joint is a stupid thing to do. We had rearrange our rooms several different times just to get enough room to walk around. It sucked really bad but i have class now so i will talk to you all tomorrow at our last class

Granted, utopias are idealistically impossible, but I find that my true utopia would be just driving around under the warm sun, talking to my best friends, and having my favorite song come on the radio. We all can find our own utopia; it's just where we do what we enjoy, and what makes us content. I don't think it's about how much stuff we have, or anything like that. It's about what brings out the best in us, etc...

That's just my opinion, though....

I don't believe in Utopias, they are not real and not every one would be happy living in one because every person has their own view of what a perfect world would be. A utopia just wouldn't work in reality.
But if I had to make my version of a utopia it would not have strict rules and sparsely populated.
I would buy an island (where would I get the money, who knows).
It would have perfect weather and would be out of reach of hurricanes. So maybe it would be located around Hawii or something.
Only people I invited could come to visit and would get their by jet or boat. If a person wanted to stay on the island they could only stay there for a few months, then they would have to leave. They would be able to come back after 5 months have passed with invitation by me. I would be able to leave the island any time I wanted and return without any problems. There would not be a whole city or population on the island, maybe a small village of friendly natives that originally inhabited the place. I would have all the necesities of life brought to the island continuously.
I would look at this utopia as a sort of getaway place from the stress of the rest of the world. A place where you are far away from work and masses of people.
The transportation on the island would include boats, bikes, cars, and jet. There would be an on call doctor living on the island and transportation to medical facilities located off the island would be available.
If there was a currency it would be the american dollar and monetary system because that would be where most of the goods are from, the United States.The island would be left in its natural states and nothing harmful to the large part of the environment is allowed.

Thats about all I can think of for my own utopia.
Bye bye.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

The cleaning of our dorm room has officially started. We put our beds back together, which was a pain in my ass, let me tell you! We cleaned all the walls and packed up some extra stuff that has been lying around. It feels great to have some room! I wish it was like this all year! My parents came to town today so I sent a bunch of things back with them that I won't need this summer, including my stupid ass computer!
I can't wait til I officially move out!!! YAY FOR THE END OF SCHOOL! See you on Thursday!!!
Hello everyone. Right now I am on the verge of killing someone. I am at the IACC and I am getting really frusterated because I can do what I want with the pictures I am trying to scan on this PC because I am used to the macs. I really want to finish this, and soon. The problem is that there is this girl who has been sitting at the mac one for like forty-five minutes, and she is driving me crazy. This sucks, I have so much to do and it all has to be done in the next three days. Right now I feel like my life is hell. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I need to settle down. This is going to be a very, very long night.
Hey everyone. Its .30 cent wings at Buffalo wild wings tonight, plus the timberwolves play tonight at 830. I dismantled my loft bed today and it wasn't very fun. I couldn't believe how much stuff I had in my part of this tiny little room. Next year I'll be in the hire rise, we'll see how I like being up so high. I've liked the Utopia projects I've seen the past couple of weeks. Not to many days left until summer so that is something to look forward too. Hope everyone does well on their finals.
So... I got smart. ("S-M-R-T" right Homer J.?) I copied and pasted our blog (from January through April 30) into a Word document and then SEARCHED (the lovely "Find" option under Edit) for your names. MUCH easier then looking with my own eyeballs. Computers can be cool.

After gettin' smart, I got frustrated because... well, either you all did TONS of entries (between the two Heathers- there were 26 posts!) or barely any (a few of you are at 4 posts.. and the deadline is Friday. P.S. in the syllabus I said don't post 'em all in the last week... points shall be docked.).

Anyhow, I am trying not to take it personally. *tears up*
well... class is almost over!! I can't wait until i get to relax and sit in the sun!! Hope everyone has a great summer! See ya thursday!!
Sybil, who was the sender on that survey? I think that i deleated it, how do i get another?
thanks again

I can't believe that the semester is already over. These Utopia projects are fun to listen to though. I think it's a great way to end the year. My group presented today and there were only 2 questions asked of us so i think it went pretty good. I still couldn't believe how big our map was. It took two group members to hold it up and then I explained it. It was funny. Oh well, off to sociology, take care and have fun this week!
hey hey-

Last week here I come....I have six projects due Friday so that is about all I will be up to this week. I am excited for summer, but I will miss the people here. English was great this semester, I had tons of fun. Well I am going to go back to watch my VH1 that is all I do these days.
Have a great day!!!
what a week, two test, the utopia project, and its getting hard to concentrate on school. but the utopia is coming along great, and summer will be here soon! this summer should rock, hopfeully i accomplish all that i have set to do. i will miss ndsu and all of the people, but it will be here next fall. well, thats it for now, ttyl
Hey everyone
Well the last week of classes is finally here! Not to mention a very busy last week of classes. I think it's stupid that teachers give an exam on the last day of class, and then we have a final the next week. Too many tests!! I am working 8 days in a row right now, so I don't have much time to study. Hopefully everything will turn out ok. I think the Utopia projects are really fun to listen to. It is very interesting to see the differences people have in their Utopias. Have a good last-week-of-school!
Wow, I haven't been posting in a while. I don't know why but I can never get into this blogging thing. Just doesn't captivate me I guess... I'm getting anxious for the end of the semester myself. I've got big plans for this summer. However I'm not really eager to take my finals. Oh well, can't have everything... Well I don't really have much else to say so I'm off...

Monday, May 03, 2004

Matt - this school's extra/hidden charges really annoy me too... don't we pay enough already? Honestly...

Hey everyone ~
I haven't blogged in a while, so i thought i'd write a little. First of all i am soo glad that it is the last week of classes too!!! We presented our utopia already and that was pretty fun even thought i dont know how we did... otherwise all i really have left for homework is all the architecture crap...Yeah!!! Second of all here are some of the things i wouldnt want for a utopia.
- Free school
- Warm in summer and cool in winter... not freezing like 40 below and not humid during summer
- No one would worry about what they looked like because no one would care
- There would be gorgeous beaches
- Everyone would have a nice car
- People would have as many clothes and SHOES as they wanted
- You could eat anything thing you wanted, whenever you wanted, and not gain weight
- Everyone would be friendly...no one would be fake
- Drinking age of 18

Anyways just some ideas... Hehe! See you all in class!!!
Can you believe that it costs $11 just to plot out a poster?! I drew the map of our island in AutoCad and i took it to the IACC to be plotted, well, they told me it would cost $11. So I just spent that on doing this poster. Oh well, it'll be cool. We present tomorrow morning, i can't wait to get this over with. It'll be one more thing i don't have to worry about this week. Well, i'm off to see if it's done plotting, bye!
Hey All. I have a question for those of you in Sybil's night class. When is our final? Is it this Thursday? And, if so, do we even have class next Thursday, the 13th? I have no clue why I don't know these things...must not have been listening I guess. But if someone could let my stupid-ass know that would be great! Thanks.
So, is everyone ready for finals?! Mine should be pretty easy. Nothing too tough. I am a little upset, however, that my last final would have been on Monday of finals week, I could have been done SUPER early. But then I find out that I have a speech final on Thusday. =( Not only that, but it's at 7:30 AM!!! Who the hell made this up?! I would be ok if I could just sit in a desk and take a written test ...but I can't! I have to get up in front of people and speak! And actually look nice! BAH! I hate school! Thank God it's pretty much over!
What's up?

I was going through some posts that I hadn't read, and I realized that I have not written in response to a few things.

So, my personal utopia would be like this:

- First off it has to be a tropical place, because I love the beach.
- I think that someone should wait on me all the time too, you know bring me tropical fruity drinks when I'm just chillin for no reason.
- There would have to be at least one hockey rink there, I don't think I could go the rest of my life without playing hockey.
- Everyone would drive really nice and expensive sports cars even if they couldn't afford them
- A person would be able to eat any kind of sweets they wanted and they wouldn't ever get fat.
- People could listen to any kind of music that they wanted because all types of music are cool in their own way.
- Everyone would have to be nice to eachother. (Mean people suck)
- I kind of liked Charles' idea about being able to pick the temperature that day, I don't want to copy him, so I am stealing his idea and (in my mind) improving on it. Now not only can you choose what you want the weather to be like that day, but if in the middle of the day if you want a rain shower for like two minutes you can. It would all be controlled with a remote.
- There would also be a kind of Matrix type thing where anything you would like to learn you could just hook yourself up to a machie, and then you instanly know how to do it. You could also do this same thing with books. Bam, and you finish a whole book.

I'm sure I could think of more things, but that's all I could rattle off right now.

Hey everybody. I can't believe that the semester is almost over. Now that my group presented last week it's hard to believe that there is nothing left to do for this class. I also gave my last speech on Friday of last week, so I am completely done with that class too except for the improv final speech. That's off the topic though, I thought that this semester was pretty cool. We did some fun papers and stuff. I have to go to class now, so good luck to those who haven't presented their utopias, and good luck to everyone on the last week of classes.
Well finals week is almost here and I am deffinatly not ready fo my tests. I have a calculus, Dress in world cultures, and a chemistry test. Two on monday and one on wendsday. I am also excited to be giving our utopia presentation this thursday. I think we came up with a very interesting and different kind of utopia and I think everybody will be impressed.
Wow. The last week of ACTUAL school! And I have SOOOO much to do!!!

It was my birthday Saturday...kinda fun, kinda not. As you get older, birthday's dont seem to matter as much. I mean how fun is 19? You don't get anything with it. Oh well.

I also think it's kind of weird because I've felt like I'm 19 for forever? Like, everyone's like how does it feel to be 19, and it's the same...Like if you were to ask me how old I was a month ago...I would think, oh yeah...I'm only 18 not 19.

Yeah ok, so I'm weird.... :)
Today was the party for my grandma's 90th birthday. It was kind of fun. It ended up being more like a family reunion with a few extra guests. The only person missing was my brother who is in a submarine somewhere someplace only they know where!

The school days are slowly counting down. I sometimes feel overwhelmed but it's all going to be over on the 13th. I haven't even enrolled for any fall classes yet. Hopefully I'll still get the classes I want at good times.


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Hey everyone- Class is really flying by. We are coming down to finals week and I really am not looking forward to it. I will have three finals and in everyone of those I will need to study. I have a final on monday which is chemistry and two finals on wednesday which are econ and calculus. This is a really bad schedule and I will need to study hard to keep up my grades in these classes. I really dont think that I should do too bad this semester but all I am glad that its pretty much coming to an end. I think that I could get use to summer again and being away from fargo for a little while. But when next year comes I will be ready to party. Since five of us are getting a house together next year which will be crazy.
well im glad the year is almost over. this is going way fast. well whatever, this weekend was both fun and boring but its my last weekend here for this year and i think it will work for me. im so glad that i only have two finals and one of them is way easy but the other is calculus that is gonna suck. im glad i signed up for calc 1 next year again. that way im sure to get in when i fail. well i better go i havent been to calc in about a week so i need to catch up so i can at least try to pass. whatever bye.
Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey
In weightlifting, I don't think sudden, uncontrolled urination should automatically disqualify you.
So...there's like two weeks left of school and my virus catches the worms that are going around campus. This makes me REALLY UPSET! And I'm too lazy to take it in to get fixed before school's over ...because what's the point? I don't need it this summer and I don't need to type any papers or anything anymore. So I will just wait - and be pissed off.
So that's how my weekend is going! But the good news is that school is almost over and I will be going back to beautiful Detroit Lakes, Minnesota to start work! YAY! Laying on the beach! Nothing better than that my friends!
Oh and I am also a little bit upset that I have to miss Friends this Thursday, we have class til 7:30 and then our room check is that night! UGH! But at least we can tape it! It's a 2 hour long finale ...oh how I will miss that show! (tear) But I will see you all on Thursday! Have a super week! And protect your computers!!! Don't let them fall victim to the WORMS! ...bastards...
Sybil - those posters are hilarious, I have like bunch of those stickers that I've bought here and there...

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